Upstate Places We Like: Kripplebush, N.Y.

Kripplebush is a teeny, tiny hamlet of mostly stone houses between Stone Ridge and Accord, N.Y, and an official historic district. You’ll have to drive to a town–High Falls, Rosendale, Accord or Stone Ridge–for provisions or human interaction, but you’ll have no shortage of beauty here. Real estate is steep; there’s not much of it, and what there is has probably been carefully tended, with a slightly inflated price due to its historic nature. What you’re paying for, too, is ambiance: it feels like you’ve gone far away and back in time. A map is on the jump.

About lisa

I'm a freelance writer (and thus, not a homeowner), specializing in real estate, urban planning and sustainability. Also, I just like looking at pictures of houses.

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  1. I’ve also heard good things about nearby Rosendale: pretty, interesting community, an easy bus ride to NYC, etc.

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