East Versus West: Swimming Holes

One plus for the west side of the Hudson River is that it’s far more swimmable. Lakes, swimming holes, and the wonderful Esopus Creek abound.

A few weeks ago, we hit this wonderful swimming hole, just behind the Inn at Leeds. Because the water was low, tens of natural rock pools had formed, some with mini waterfalls throwing through them.

True, it was only 20 minutes from where we were staying in Dutchess County on the west side, but roosting over on the east means many more choices and less driving. In the coming weeks, I’ll be keeping my eye on Leeds real estate to see if something creekside comes up. Nothing worth mentioning on the offering block this week.

About lisa

I'm a freelance writer (and thus, not a homeowner), specializing in real estate, urban planning and sustainability. Also, I just like looking at pictures of houses.

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  1. Kaaterskill Creek creates a ton of great swimming holes leading from Hunter down to Saugerties. I love Mosquito Point and Kaaterskill Falls, but if you just drive down 23A and follow the parked cars, you’ll find plenty of spots.

  2. I know this site doesn’t cover the Berkshires, but if you are far enough east of the Hudson River, there are TONS of swimming and boating spots in southwest MA.

    I’m surprised more people don’t look in the area — only 2 hours from Brooklyn by car, and tons of stuff to do, from concerts to skiing.

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