Newburgh Rowhome á la San Francisco

The bright sunlight and the gray facade almost make this home feel more like it’s in San Francisco rather than Newburgh. The price is definitely not San Francisco. This home at 170 Grand Street is exactly what someone would imagine when they think of row home living. The little lawn in the front is an extra perk as are the Hudson River views from the rear.

There are four levels and four units. Surely some levels could be combined into one and while others could remain extra income. The listings says it was built in 1920, although I think it way older. Another record I found says the home as 9 bedrooms and 4 baths. For price information and pictures see below the jump. 

170 Grand Street, Newburgh, NY
Asking Price: $229,000
Year Built: 1920
Taxes: $10,593
Distance to NYC: 58.7 mi, 1 hour 10 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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About Cher Vick

Creator and editor of Encouraging the revitalization of Newburgh, a city approximately 60 miles North of Manhattan that has New York's second largest historic district.

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  1. Actually it looks more like Brooklyn to me — those proportions, the flat front, three windows across, Federal style row house of the mid-19th century is the common currency of neighborhoods like Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill (those realtors’ listings are definitely not to be believed re a property’s age — they’re always way off). Though in Brooklyn the stoop would be masonry and not wood. AND, I might add, in Brooklyn the taxes would not be so high. $10,000/year? That is horrific!!! I hope it’s a typo. And as much as I admire all your efforts to boost Newburgh and the Hudson Valley, and this is a nicely renovated house — I think Philadelphia would be a better investment for the price. There are a lot of jobs there (in hospitals and many other fields) and It’s relatively easy to find good tenants. Don’t know how true that is of Newburgh.

  2. Taxes in Newburgh are high with out a doubt. Whether the $10k is correct, well that is the rate according to this listing. It might be considerably higher being that it is a 4 unit home at the moment. There is a hospital and 2 colleges in the City of Newburgh. It’s been one of the last cities of the Hudson Valley to see a renaissance. I plan on posting soon what the city had to offer and what is currently going on there. Philly has great options as well. But for someone wanting to live within an hour of NYC, Newburgh is worth the consideration, and hopefully will experience revitalization because of its proximity.

  3. Upstate taxes must be addressed – the excesses are just nuts. Look at new paltz, the taxes on my 1100 sq ft house in town are $8500. Why? Look at the police alone – you have village cops, town cops, suny cops, state police, ulster county sheriff….all cruising around in brand new full size vehicles. Raking In their salaries for the rest of their lives…average state cop pulls in $112k.

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