Hurricane Irene Devastates Upstate New York

I thought about heading upstate on Friday evening, assuming it would be safer than staying put in my Brooklyn neighborhood, even if we’re relatively high up compared to the evacuated sectors of the city. But I chose to remain, afraid of the panicked traffic. The storm seemed barely to pass by my windows, but Hurricane Irene, or Tropical Storm Irene as it later became, weaved a path of destruction through the Catskills, on towns we’ve already profiled and even this week’s spotlight town, Tannersville. Above is video of severely flooded Margaretville. My family’s place in Tivoli is without power, and my family further north, in Saratoga, said tens of thousands had lost power around there, as well. Twenty-one people were stranded in a Prattsville motel, though the National Guard managed to rescue them.

All we can say is, yowza. What kind of impact this will have on upstate New York real estate remains to be seen. Hope everybody’s okay up there, and for those of you about to close on a house, remember this: buy flood insurance.

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I'm a freelance writer (and thus, not a homeowner), specializing in real estate, urban planning and sustainability. Also, I just like looking at pictures of houses.

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  1. What is the status of Tannersville?

  2. My wife and I are renting a place in Palenville, just down the mountain via 23a from Tannersville. We just got back this afternoon and things are very, very bad up there. I heard that Kaaterskill Falls did NOT wash out 23A below Tannersville but I believe parts of Tannersville was flooded and 32 was completely impassible this morning. Palenville lost the swinging bridge and Story Farm was completely submerged. Apparently Fleishman’s, Margaretville, Phoenecia, Delhi, Windham, & Pratsville, Walton all suffered major flooding.

  3. My wife and rent a house in Palenville, just down the mountain from Tannersville along 23A. We were up this weekend and just got back to the city this afternoon (6 hours). Things are pretty bad up there. I heard that Kaaterskill falls did NOT wash out 32A below Tannersville but the town itself suffered flooding, as did Fleishman’s, Margaretville, Phoenecia, Delhi, Windham, & Pratsville, Walton, etc. Palenville lost the swinging bridge and 32A was completely impassable this morning due to downed trees and power lines. The Esopus Creek, which was running about 80 cubic feet per second Sat morning, peaked at over 40,000 cubic feet per second Sunday. That is absolutely unbelievable.

  4. BHH..I live in tannersville,ny and we are being told that 23A was washed out right where the bottom bridge is before heading up 23a. We are land locked up here with no way down. From your post it seems as if 23a is passable?..

    • We are back in the city now so I can’t get any first person updates from the bottom of the mountain until this weekend but we stopped by the Circle W market in Palenville on Sunday afternoon when we left our place to survey the damage and was told that 23a was still open up to Tannersville at that time. I guess it is possible that bridge (by the hotdog stand?) washed out Sunday evening. We did not attempt to drive up there ourselves. I wish you guys the best and please keep us updated everything.

    • unwell, is there anything I can do here to help? I can call up someone in Palenville and try to get some updated information for you if you need. We will also be coming back up on Sunday morning so if there is anything anyone needs from the city and we can get it up there to you, please let me know.

    • I just called Circle W and ask and they told me that they thought as as of yesterday, there was one lane open up 23A all they way to Tannersville.

  5. Bhh,
    Thank you so much for the offer. I did try traveling down rt 23a this morning only to find a road block. They are telling everone in town to take Platte clove road down into saugerties. I do not trust my vehicle enough to travel this road, Ive heard some horror storys about it as well. For right now i have power,water and food so im doing o.k.! When you come up over the weekend please let me know what the status of the roads are at that time! Thank you again!!

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