Hurricane Irene in Greene County, East Jewett Update

Update! Lisa reported much of this, but I just wanted to pass on that 23C in East Jewett/Tannersville/Onteora Park is passable and made it out of the storm in relatively good condition. (I know that’s a main drag for many of you, so y’all can rest assured.) Electricity is slowly coming back, too. Much of East Jewett and Jewett had their electricity restored yesterday. We just got ours restored twenty minutes ago. If you’ve emailed me about your house and wanted me to check on it, and I didn’t get back to you, just email me again: I’ve had a lot of incoming to keep track of, with spotty email service.

Sort of. We plan to keep you as updated as possible about the effects of Hurricane Irene in Greene County, which has been very hard hit. I’m writing from NYC, where I’ve been trying to get on-the-ground reports from my East Jewett neighbors, but because of downed power lines and the cuts to electricity, Jewett and East Jewett remain unreachable.

We did speak to someone at Bottini Fuel, our oil servicer, who let us know that Route 23c, the main drag through Jewett and Onteora, is currently impassable and yes, electricity is still out. Much of the NY State Thruway south of Albany remains closed. For specifics on Thruway closures, click here. For details on other road closures, try here.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any on-the-ground reports of Irene damage in the Catskills. And if you have a second home Upstate that you can’t reach, what do you plan to do?

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I'm a literary agent who mostly lives in Brooklyn but sometimes escapes to East Jewett, NY.

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  1. today my sons got out by rt 23c then to the taconic
    we have a farm in jewett on ct rt 17 both directions you could not get out 10 ft. hole at both ends

    I call the radio station spoke w/jay he gave me phone # not to much help just took name and phone # my drive way is totally wiped out. Still no power & phone are out. My heart goes out to the people of prattsville and windham. This is unbelieveable we can deal with 7 ft of snow but water no way .

  2. I need information on County Rte 40 in Tannersville/East Jewett area…my best friends mom is in her 90’s and stuck up there without power, phone or food

    • Hi Karen,

      Have you been able to check on her? I’m going to try to drive up tomorrow. If you want to email me her address, I will check in if I manage to make it up. I’m at

      • Hi,

        (I sent you an email, at the address above, with specific details regarding my property location.)

        My name is Michael Knee. I found your blog while searching for info regarding E. Jewett. I, too, have a house in the area and curious about what’s happening. We may, even, have met at the Hitchcock annual Memorial Day picnic.

        Anyway, I’m hoping you’ve made it to your place in good shape and might be willing to make a pass by my house; it’s less than a mile from the church you referenced. Whether or not you’re able to get by my place, it would be great to get a first-hand account of how things are looking.

        Hope to hear from you.

        Good Luck,


    • Is the woman’s name Francis, if so Lil from village candle checks in on her 2 x’s a day and makes sure she takes her medicine and has food. Hopefully this is the woman your speaking about.

  3. I have a house on 23c trying to get information about road conditions and when it will be safe to travel to assess damage. Any information is appreciated
    My home is between boy scout road and scribner rd

    • I’m on 23C just past Scribner Hollow Road, by the Methodist Church. We’re driving up tomorrow, fingers crossed. I will absolutely let you know. Feel free to email me directly at with your address, and if we make it, I will check on on your house.

    • Hey Barbara,

      Yes, 23C is passable,as is Scribner Hollow Road. Not sure about Boy Scout road. The best way to get to 23C is via 23, then take 296. Let me know if you need more info!

  4. Thank you all for posting updates. Does any one know if there is access to Dale Lane and / or Roaring Brook Road in Tannersville? We have a house there and are worried about it and our neighbors.

  5. Does anyone know if the people up Spruceton Rd, West Kill, off Rt. 42 (which is closed on
    each end) are ok and getting help.? There are a lot of seniors living up there.

  6. I spoke with the owner of last chance cheese in Tannersville, he said that you access Rt 23c via Scribner. He stated that Tannersville’s was somewhat better than other towns.

  7. Hi Friends, Hoping to check on our house in Haines Falls, is thruway open up to exit 20-Saugerties? Can’t believe this happened.. we had been up at the house and came back to NJ to make sure it was ok. My neighbor thought we should ride out the storm in the catskills..UNBELIEVABLE!

    • I just finished a phone conversation with Cara from the Village Candle in Tannersville, she said mountain road from Saugerties is completely closed totally collapsed at kaaterskill falls you can get through to mnt via exit 21 towards and through Hensonville to Scribner .

  8. Thanks Barbara, I heard from a neighbor that’s the only way to go…

  9. Platte Cover road is open. I traveled up to east jewett yesterday. other than roads washed out and no electric everything was fine

  10. Thanks for the updates!!! We have family friends in their 70’s living there alone and had no contact with them since Sat.

  11. Thank you so much for taking the time & trouble to provide this information! We have a house on 23C, fortunately, aside from the road erosion & having to clean out our fridge we were blessed not to have any damage (we have a friend who checks on our house)
    My heart goes out to all those who’ve experienced tragedy. We will be going up next week & hope to be able to lend whatever assistance we can. Maire Grove


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