Where to Get Help and Give Help in Windham and Surrounding Area

Main Street, Windham, Volunteer efforts post Hurricane Irene

Hello from Tannersville! I’ve been listening to WRIP-FM pretty obsessively, and it’s been a great source of community information about Hurricane Irene relief in Greene County. They’ve been giving out key numbers all day, many of which can be found on their website. Here’s a quick round-up of their info for getting and giving help if you live in or near Windham.

If you’re in the Windham area and need food, medicine, or water delivered (or know someone who does), call the Windham Emergency Command Center: 518-734-4938. They have real, live people answering the phones! If you’re able to drive and need food, water, or company, you can head to Main Street in Windham and stop in front of the library. They’re set up on the lawn serving hot food and giving free water to all comers. If, like me, you’re still out of electricity, this is a great option for dinner. They’re serving spaghetti for dinner tonight and could also use extra hands. Just show up and they’ll put you to work!

If you’re a mountain resident and want to help deliver food, medicine and water to folks in need, call the command center volunteer hotline at 518-610-0380. Leave a message with your phone number, and they’ll get back to you to tell you what they need. Note that many mountain roads are open to residents only, so you’ll need to show proof of residency if you plan to help out with deliveries.

Albergo Allegria on Route 296 is organizing a clothing drive. They’re accepting donations tomorrow afternoon, Sept 1st, and will be distributing them on Friday, Sept 2nd. They’re looking for volunteers to help sort the donations. Call Iris Kaplan at 518-947-4995 if you’d like to help out. The Albergo Allegria is also offering free hot showers for folks still without running water. No need to call ahead. Just show up with your favorite bath gel.

Finally, note that Tannersville is up and running—-and they have electricity! I’m writing this from Maggie’s Krooked Cafe, where you can use wireless, charge up, etc—-and where they put whipped cream on your iced coffee just to be nice.

Fingers crossed that the rest of the mountain will get electricity by the weekend, as promised!

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  1. The 610-0381 number on this page is not right, this is a private cell phone number. Please update this page so that people can get through to help others in Windham and surrounding towns. I think the real phone number is 610-0380.

  2. Thank you for providing this information. Could you please post this link to this Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/NeighborshelpingNeighborsGreeneCounty

    I created this page to connect people in Greene County that need help recovering from Hurricane Irene with people who want to help.

    Thank you!

  3. I’m interested in coordinating the efforts of all the locations in our area communities where clothing has been donated. I have visited the huge, well-organized collection at Albergo Allegria (former LaGriglia Restaurant) on route 296, some clothing donations are beginning to accumulate at St. Theresa’s church on route 23, Windham, and at the Ashland Firehouse. I am a member of the Windham Methodist Church, where we also have an excess abundance of clothes and household goods. I’m sure that there are also many other local, collection locations that exist which also desire to disseminate their items to the public.

    We invite any interested people to meet with us at the Windham Methodist Church Hall tomorrow, Monday (Labor Day) at 10:30 a.m. to discuss ways we can work together to consolidate, collaborate, or figure out how we can distribute the huge volume of clothing and household items that our communities are currently offering freely to anyone in need of them.

    Questions can be directed to Charlene tomorrow (Labor Day) at the Windham Methodist Church at 734-4122 or my cell phone: (518) 755-1560. Please come to our meeting at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow if you are interested in working with us, or pass this concern on to a friend who may be willing to help us. Our gratitude to all the good-hearted people!

    Charlene Mabey
    Windham/Durham resident

    P.S. I’m not tremendously Internet savvy, so if there’s someone out there that can expedite this message more effectively, please tell me how!

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