Home with a Carriage House in Newburgh for $185,000

Urban upstate cities often have a lot of interesting mixed use architecture, in part, due to the their industrial pasts. Newburgh is no exception.

This home on 1st Street is massive. There isn’t anything extraordinary about the home. But what really struck my eye was this little carriage house. Buildings like these have immense possibilities from rentals, to art studios, to guest houses. The home itself is being listed as a 3 family home that supposedly needs no new work. The location isn’t the most desirable but, I have a thing for carriage houses! It is located right next to St. Luke’s Hospital. Take a drive around Newburgh and you’ll see there are quite many carriage houses to choose from.

193 1st Street, Newburgh
Asking Price: $185,000
Year Built: 1910
Distance to NYC: 58.7 mi, 1 hour 11 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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About Cher Vick

Creator and editor of www.NewburghRestoration.com. Encouraging the revitalization of Newburgh, a city approximately 60 miles North of Manhattan that has New York's second largest historic district.

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  1. Just drove by some of these places. All i have to say is i would NEVER live there – even if someone paid me to. Newburg looked more ghetto that some of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn, with anywhere from 2-5 boarded up houses on ever block, trash and crack heads staggering the streets. And honestly, if that town was ever going to turn around, it would take at least 20 years.

    • Draz, there is no doubt that Newburgh is a city that has experienced decline. The purpose of the blog and of featuring homes on Upstater is to raise awareness and hope for a renaissance that practically every other city of the Hudson Valley has already experienced. Newburgh is only 60 miles North of NYC, making it one of the most ideal cities to commute from. The other purpose my blog (Newburgh Restoration) is to highlight all of the positive things going on in the city. Just recently 2 great articles came out in the news, and one from the New York Times about some great projects going on in the city. You can see them here: http://newburghrestoration.com/newburgh-positive-news/

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