Cold Spring Village Starter Home for $319,000

This little Cold Spring house has nice curb appeal. I like the graceful porch and Victorian village exterior charm. It’s close enough to the train station to allow you to walk, so you could have village living with quasi-Brooklyn-level transportation ease. Oh, but with off-street parking.

The house is small, though, just two beds and one bath. The lot is fairly small too, so I’m not sure about the possibilities for expansion. There is, however, an outbuilding that could be used as a separate workspace. Maybe you can build a rope bridge and put a bathroom in there.

Stats on the jump.

4 Fishkill Rd Cold Spring NY

Asking Price: $319,000
Beds: 2
Baths: 1
Square Feet: 1,038
Land: .19 acres
Taxes: $6000
Features: Outbuilding, off-street parking

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I'm a literary agent who mostly lives in Brooklyn but sometimes escapes to East Jewett, NY.

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  1. Bricktop Schwartz

    Those taxes are SO HIGH! Is that the level of all prop taxes in Cold Spring?

    • Yep, the Cold Spring taxes are all high, lower than Westchester but higher than, say, Duchess county. Monday’s house’s taxes were $9,000. The schools are good, with small class sizes, but I really don’t know why the taxes are so high. Any Cold Spring residents want to shed some light?

  2. Why is that? Putnam County is on the outer reaches of the metropolitan region. Per capita income is high, services are all there. Taxes are high because they can be. the elderly and less affluent get pushed out because they can’t carry the costs. Sad but typical story. Putnam had more people leaving the county, typically heading further north, than entering over the last ten years. Only problem with that is the economy is less dependent on the city and therefore, at this present time generally speaking, not as strong.
    Cold Spring village is very middle class. Once you get up into the surrounding hills the property values skyrocket.

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