Big Plans for Beacon: Restoring the Funicular

from Wikipedia

This is really just an excuse to write funicular in a sentence! No, but really, turns out Beacon has more to offer than just good, cheap housing stock, public transport and culture; it has nature, too, in the form of Mount Beacon, a peak offering panoramic views of the Hudson Valley.

Once upon a time (that is, until 1978), a funicular hustled folks to the top of the mountain, and the NY Times reported last month that a group is raising funds to restore the ride. In the meantime, until the end of this month, the Mount Beacon Incline Railway Restoration Society is leading hikes up the mountain along the former (and future) funicular path. I’m trying to find some homes for sale close to Mount Beacon, which seems like where I’d wanna live.

About lisa

I'm a freelance writer (and thus, not a homeowner), specializing in real estate, urban planning and sustainability. Also, I just like looking at pictures of houses.

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  1. Thank you Lisa. I live in Beacon and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. If you would like more info about our efforts, please contact me at

  2. Yay! I really did know what funicular meant! Out here are history was mostly straight up trains though, not so much in the way of cables, etc…

  3. Erm… except for maybe the cable cars in San Francisco…

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