East vs West, or Where You Can Find A Countryhouse with a Pool for $300,000

I’d live in a shack if it came with pool. Even if you’re not a swimmer, there’s something about looking outside and seeing a square of chlorinated blue that makes the world feel so expansive, or at least Cheever-esque.

This week, I tried to find something better than a shack with a pool on the side, while keeping the price tag around $300, 000. In very pretty Germantown in Columbia County, we found this 1970s split-level on a rolling property with great mountain views for $310,000. The house isn’t much to speak of—textbook ’70s middle-class suburban—-but the 2.0 acre property is idyllic.

Across the river and farther north, we found a show-stopper of a historic home in Ravena in Albany County for $295,00. I’m not crazy about the mauve exterior and the home is in desperate need of some thoughtful landscaping, but if you’ve always dreamed of owning a rambling nineteenth-century farm house with a Edith Wharton-novel worthy name, the Vanderzee House could be your chance.

This one also comes with a pool as well as nearly 5 acres. You’d be further afield than in Germantown—at least an extra twenty minutes in the car—though Ravena is right off the 21B thruway stop.  Comes with a pool, too—but how much house is too much house?

Stats and pics on the jump.


Germantown Contemporary
Asking Price: $310,000
Beds: 5
Baths: 2
Acres: 2.0
Sqare Feet: 2600
Year Built: 1972

Ravena 1812 Farmhouse
Asking Price: $296,000
Beds: 5
Baths: 2
Acres: 4.92
Square Feet: 3616
Year Built: 1812

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I'm a literary agent who mostly lives in Brooklyn but sometimes escapes to East Jewett, NY.

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  1. That Ravena house is absolutely breathtaking. Trivia: having lived in Albany during high school, I can attest that Ravena school districts seem to ALWAYS get a snow day…

    • I love that trivia! The town near my hometown that always had a snow day was Wapwallopen. Those kids never went to school.

      • Well how could they with a town name like Wapwallopen! It sounds like a whole series of 1950s children’s adventure books should be set there, preferably during snow days.

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