Factory/Warehouse in Newburgh for $1.2 Million

The industrial past of Newburgh has left it with an interesting mix of commercial properties. This warehouse/factory at 311 First Street is among them, and it has a vast amount of possibilities. It’s no secret that the City could use the extra income and, it’s no secret that Hudson River Towns have seen complete makeovers due to a new art venue or museum moving into spaces such as these because of the large spaces they provide.

This building is huge, and has tons of windows that provide natural light. It is located on the corner of 9W and First Street, and only 2 blocks down from Downing Park. It seems to be currently housing some kind of ventilation company. I have no clue of the company is still operating and the owner just wants to sell the building. Either way, Newburgh’s factory housing stock should really be promoted. You never know what might be the next big change. See below for more pictures and information.

311 First Street, Newburgh– Real Estate Listing
Asking Price: $1,200,000
Year Built: 1924
Size: 59,071 sq ft
Distance to NYC: 58.4 mi, 1 hour 9 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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About Cher Vick

Creator and editor of www.NewburghRestoration.com. Encouraging the revitalization of Newburgh, a city approximately 60 miles North of Manhattan that has New York's second largest historic district.

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