Perhaps Not a Real Estate Boom Upstate, But a Tick Boom?


Ugh. Some of my friends who went to Bard told me recently that they’ll never move back to the area because of Lyme disease. Seemed a little extreme to me at the time, but then again I did almost lose my mind last summer when someone asked me if I had fully checked my kid for ticks (she’d been having some country naked time in the grass) before she went to bed. I actually went up  inspected her in her sleep.

Even for the less paranoid, this news that there will be a surge in the deer tick population next year ain’t good. As far as we know, Dutchess County already has one of the highest populations of deer ticks, so more can’t be welcome. The reason for the prediction: not enough acorns, meaning not enough mouse food, meaning more dead mice, meaning more roving ticks.

I suggest local brokers offer knee high socks with every home purchase!

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I'm a freelance writer (and thus, not a homeowner), specializing in real estate, urban planning and sustainability. Also, I just like looking at pictures of houses.

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  1. yet another reason to buy in Delaware County… this broker has clocked a million hours in the woods, meadows and high grass up to her ears here… nary a tick, and I have personally yet to hear of someone who has contracted lyme disease here. Typically it’s contracted from visiting Westchester and the Hudson Valley. This might help if someone is handy with an overlay map….

    • well, that is definitely good to know. i’m curious about ulster and sullivan, though…don’t they have lots of ticks, too? it’s just delaware country that’s lucky enough to be relatively immune?

  2. I’ve had Lyme twice, one from gardening upstate and once on Long Island. Whaddya gonna do? I’m not going to let it keep me from enjoying what I love most.

  3. once upon a time we were looking to buy in Cold Spring. I asked a local waitress there about Lyme disease and she said we were in “Lyme central”. Since we are animal prone (lots of critters) I opted for north of Kingston where at the time, not sure now, the Lyme population greatly diminished to almost non-existent the further north you go. Maybe has something to do with a colder climate in the winter? We also don’t have termites! (save on inspections, but keep an eye out for powder post beetles)… But I’m with Cara, you can’t let it stop you and it does seem easily treated early on…

  4. Come on, what next meteors? Ticks (and Termites) have been moving further north for years. I have found them on my kids and pets. 1. Not every tick has Lyme disease and 2. take precautions and check every night, even warm December days, they are not done yet.

  5. It’s something to be concerned about, for sure, but it’s fine as long as you’re vigilant. Picked 12 ticks off the dogeroo after she went on a romp in the woods in Accord this Thanksgiving weekend, but she’s fine.

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