Stone Ridge Renovated Barn, $575,000

I’m in love. Yes, I think the decor and fixtures in this renovated Stone Ridge barn need to be tweaked some, but in general I really appreciate the mix of rustic and exposed beams with the sleek lines — I believe I recognize some of those lights from Room and Board. I think it’s beautifully done, and a great location — very close to downtown Stone Ridge but on a quiet street (a long cul-de-sac, in fact), with mountain views and great outdoor space. I love the bathroom. I sense that this has recently belonged to an architect home owner, don’t you. And what do you think of the stainless steel cabinets in the kitchen? If I were moving full time up there, this would be a contender for me. It was bought in 2002 for $210,000 and sold the next year for $503,000. Must have been a renovation in there to explain the increase. Here’s the problem: estimated taxes: $11,377. OUCH. Stats on the jump.

61 Barberry Lane, Stone Ridge (Westwood) GMAP
Asking Price: $575.000
Beds: 2
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 2,400
Land: 2 acres
Year Built: 1870
Taxes: $11,377
Features: mountain views, garage, wood stove

About lisa

I'm a freelance writer (and thus, not a homeowner), specializing in real estate, urban planning and sustainability. Also, I just like looking at pictures of houses.

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  1. Well the guy who bought it in 2002 did very very well. And look what’s happened in the ensuing nine years – not much. And now there’s absolutely no wiggle room for a new buyer – and you’re right, the taxes are very high. I’m afraid this one makes parts of the Hamptons look reasonable. But it’s not all about price, is it? It’s a nice house.

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