Five Figure Fridays! Double Your Pleasure

This week on Five Figure Fridays we’ll feature properties that are suitable for sharing.  Each one has either two buildings (or, you know, trailers) or at least a 2-family layout.  If you have friends you really, really like, maybe one of these will catch your collective fancy – or, if you’re hoping to rent out your property to defray costs, this could give you more options and eliminate the “I don’t want people touching my stuff” factor.

That said, to stay under 100 grand for two properties requires a compromise or two.  Details and more pictures of each property are after the jump.  From highest to lowest:

West Shokan - 2 Cottages, $99k

Two modest cottages, but for weekenders they’ve got great charm and potential.  Looks like a lovely front and back yard as well.  Some terrific paneling and rustic built-ins.  The real quandary would be fighting with your co-buyers over who has to live above the garage.  $99.9k.

Livingston Manor - Cottage plus Duplex, $99k

Same idea but with noticeably less charm.  Largeish Tudor main house, plus additional duplex for a total of three separate properties.  Need at least major cosmetics, if not more serious work – but the utility-to-price ratio is great.  Livingston Manor has a lovely creekside “downtown” area.  $99.9k.

Kingston 2 Family - $95k

This is a 2-family duplex in Kingston.  Not the best pictures but looks altogether livable.  Fenced yard and in-town location with all municipal utilities.  Kingston, right off the Thruway with easy access to Rt-28, makes a great gateway to Woodstock, Phoenicia, etc.  $95k.

Olive - 2 Mobiles, $75k

Sure, it’s hard to lower your sights from Upstate Jane’s architect showplaces and Lisa’s astonishing stone real estate porn, but I say neither has the Boogie Nights appeal of these two trailers in Olive.  Garage, carport, central deck and a full acre, with taxes still reported below $2,000/year.  Park an orange ‘Vette out front and tell everyone they’re not old, they’re vintage.  $75k.

Liberty 2 Family - $59k

Finally, can someone please explain prices in Liberty?  Is it the taxes ($5,800 for this in-town duplex)?  Is it the proximity of the old resorts now being perpetually flogged on Craigslist as “luxury condos”?  There are a ton of lovely old houses for astonishingly little money.  Case in point, this adorable two-family with beautiful wood floors for just $59k.

After the jump: links and stats for each, plus a big gallery with a bunch more photos.  Happy sharing!

48 Lang Road, West Shokan, NY (Freestyle) GMAP
Asking Price: $99,900
Beds: 3/2
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 1,390
Year Built: 1930
Land: .58 acres
Taxes: $785 (?)
Features: Large yard, storage sheds, “motivated seller”

Livingston Manor, NY  (Malek)
Asking Price: $99,900
Beds: 3/1/1
Baths: 3
Square Feet: 2,310
Land: .77 acres
Taxes: $6,500 (!)
Features: 2 car garage, corner lot

235 Lucas Avenue, Kingston, NY (Westwood Metes & Bounds) GMAP
Asking Price: $95,000
Beds: 1/1
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 923
Features: Off-street parking, attic and basement.

27 Lang Road, West Shokan, NY (Freestyle) GMAP
Asking Price: $74,900
Beds: 2/1
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 924
Year Built: 1977
Land: 1.0 acres
Taxes: $1,972
Features: Looks good with hipster moustache.

42 Liberty Street, Liberty, NY (or Zillow) GMAP
Asking Price: $59,000
Beds: 2/2
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 1,880
Year Built: 1949
Land: .17 acres
Taxes: $5,800
Features: Hardwood floors.

About Procrastinet

Theater director, writer, Brooklyn dad, and would-be owner of a little place upstate. Whatever bootleg, budget form that might eventually take.

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  1. I’ll do my best to explain Liberty.

    We live in Brooklyn but have had a house in Sullivan County for about 12 years so I have a lot of experience in shopping in and around Liberty.

    I have to say that Liberty is a very strange place. It has a main street that is fairly charming, or at least it could be. It is a great location in that it is not that far from New York City and is in close proximity to lakes, rivers, fishing, boating and great hiking. In short, it always seems like it is on the brink of being a potentially cute town.

    On the other hand, there are pockets of Liberty that have a lot of crime–many of the local papers report on drug dealing, gang fights, etc. It has no where near as much crime as say Newburgh (no offense to Newburgh, which I find lovely and is trying to turn itself around) but compared to other places in Sullivan County, it just seems like it is unsafe. My wife and I sometimes have to go to the bank in Liberty (despite some of the dumpy places on the main street, there are for some reason two really nice, clean, modern banks–HSBC and TD Bank). I have to say every time we go there something just doesn’t feel right–strange and unsavory people walking around, waiting on random corners, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong–there are some real gems in Liberty. One is Catskill Harvest Market located a few minutes from the downtown main street. That place is absolutely wonderful and we shop there regularly. And, I do think the place could some day make it as a great destination. The bones are there but who wants to leave New York City and have a weekend home in a place where they don’t exactly feel safe?

    Does that help?

  2. Oh and you are right, the taxes are ridiculous.

  3. jp – thanks for the input, that’s exactly the kind of thing I was wondering about. Sounds like a place to visit and do a personal gut check.

  4. Yep. But your readers might be interested to know that there is still good value north of Liberty–from say Livingston Manor to Roscoe all the way to Downsville. Downsville by the way is my sleeper town that I think one day could be quite cute, cool, hip destination. It is still possible to get places in this area of Sullivan County for less than $100K and I’ve seen a fair amount of stuff in the $50K to $$70K range.

    This nook in Sullivan County is not as fashionable an area as say Ulster County near Woodstock, Saugerties, etc. But it has great rivers and lakes and amazing hiking trails. If you are looking for a second home in the Catskills, this is a place where values can still be had. 😉

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