Upstate Wedding Suggestions, Ideas, Experiences? Please Share!

Your faithful Greene County correspondent is getting married! I’m thrilled, but also reeling a bit from my initial phone calls to venues. I’d love to find a beautiful space Upstate to have our wedding and sadly my little Upstate house comes with a correspondingly little lawn. The first venue I called in Greene County has a $4000 site fee for a half day rental, which doesn’t include any set-up or staff (or tables or chairs). Did I mention this is the same site fee that the Brooklyn Boathouse charges, one of the nicer places to get married in the BK, but they give you chairs with that price?

Maybe I’m naive for thinking this steep, but I’d love thoughts from you all on places and ways to have an affordable Upstate wedding. Comments, please!

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I'm a literary agent who mostly lives in Brooklyn but sometimes escapes to East Jewett, NY.

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  1. Congratulations!
    We wrote some up last year:

    I got married at the Winter Clove in Greene County and can’t recommend it highly enough. Blue Moon was nice, too.

  2. Hello! .. we are a little company that creates lovely magical landscapes for weddings, parties etc… … our latest location for weddings is in stuyvesant new york!
    If you would like to speak further please email us @

  3. Congratulations!

    How many guests? I was looking for something unique and I loved Onteora Mountain House when I planned my wedding, but we had too few guests (they have a minimum and we only had about 50).

    We ended up at the Mills Mansion State Historic Site in Rhinebeck, which was really a great deal – you can bring your own caterers and the site fees and very reasonable, but that may be out of your geographic area.

    • Thank you! This is super helpful. It looks like we’ll have 120. The future darling husband grew up in Dutchess County, so Rhinebeck is very appealing!

  4. Congratulations!

    I was a wedding photographer in my past life and some of my nicer weddings (although I don’t know the cost) were:


    There were the more obscure ones, but it’s 6:30 in the morning and it takes my brain time to warm up. More later or email me to remind me if I forget. 🙂

  5. I just renovated a house at 254 Dry Brook Road in Arkville I’d rent if the group was small group. It has 5 Bedroom/ 4baths and two outbuildings.

    I have a friend with large house and dairy barn turned into sculpture studio between Roxbury and Grand Gorge. He has had large charity events with tents on his lawn. There is drop dead view and a great sculpture park. If you have a budget for a tent and catering he might give you a deal just to use the property.

    3) Romer Mt. Park Lodge- nice cozy reception venue with dance floor for small group. Operated by Harry Jameson, the owner of the tubing business in Phoenecia. It has a dance floor and was a ski resort back in the day. He has school buses that could also be employed to move the wedding party around.

    4) St Mary’s Episcopal church in Margaretville is the cutest small church in the state. Call Father Mike for access 607-643-2025.

    William Duke

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