Upstater is about living, buying, renting and vacationing in upstate New York — at least the part of upstate New York that’s within three hours of New York City! We cover both sides of the river, north of Westchester County, south of Albany, east of the Finger Lakes, and all the way to the eastern border of New York state, with the most thorough and complete real estate listings in the area. We bring you insight into the upstate real estate market, not to mention great houses, regional events and activities and a window in the upstate life. And did we mention the houses?

Our writers have hearts, mortgages, leases and legacies in Upstate New York. We also have a whole lot of enthusiasm for the architectural variety and relative affordability of real estate, plus the fresh air, incredible food, gorgeous countryside and deep cultural life here.

  1. Love your blog!
    We live in Saugerties on the weekend, soon to be full time.

  2. Hi,
    Great blog by the way. I live in the Hudson Valley and have been an avid Brownstoner forums reader seeking help and tips with my 1880 feder. I was surprised and disappointed Poughkeepsie is not included in your list of cities with all its fine architecture, restaurants, nightlife, parks, arts etc. There are some great neighborhoods in this city that make Brooklyn look like Fallujah. Its convenience and centrality just make it seem, well overlooked.

    • Thank you! I’d love to start looking at homes in Poughkeepsie, and I’d also love to see it make a comeback. My boyfriend grew up there, then went to Vassar, and his family still lives in town—so Poughkeepsie is definitely on our radar! If you know of any good properties, absolutely drop us a line.

  3. We recently spent the weekend in the Delhi Bovina Andes area, beautiful and had a great time. Any plans to cover these areas??

  4. just discovered your blog, via Brownstoner… i just returned from my place up in Prattsville (tiny town just passed Windham on 23A)– love the blog!

  5. I just saw a wonderful post about this lady, Julie Peppito. Wow, she sure is a great artist!
    Thanks, Lisa. This is a great blog. (And not just because you posted about my work. But it helps!)

  6. Hi Lisa,
    My husband and I are the owners of Pine Hollow Lodging, a vacation rental business in the Margaretville area (pinehollowlodging.com). We are the liason between owners of second homes who are not using the homes as much as they used to for whatever reason, and out-of-town renters. We have been in business for five years, and provide a great way to spend time here in the Catskills – in a completely outfitted, comfortable home! Some of our customers are skiers, some are couch potatoes, but all of them appreciate a nice place to hang for a weekend, a week, or even a season. If you’re looking to buy a house of your own up here, it is infinitely more enjoyable to come back to one of our cabins after a long day of house hunting, rather than getting into the car and going back to the city (trust me, we did the same when we were looking for our house)! Our properties are in Margaretville, Roxbury, Denver, Highmount, Andes and Big indian. Check out our website, and if we can help you in any way, please let us know!
    Phyllis Whitehouse

  7. enjoying your blog!!

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