We want to hear from you! Email us about your tips, listings, great towns to profile, new restaurants and shops, favorite outdoor spots and anything else about Upstate New York in all it’s glory.

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Love your blog. I have one in Sullivan County, where I attempt to sell real estate. I would love it if you added me as one of your favorite sites. Thanks!

  2. Love your blog, please consider adding Cold Spring NY on the banks of the majestic Hudson River, you can get a good glimpse at

    • I’ve been planning to cover Cold Spring. I’ve always loved the look of it. But anything near the river (and the train station) is pricy! Got any tips? Any pros and cons you want to share with the group? Thanks!

  3. Like your blog, we are Brookynites who have just bought a second home in Stone Ridge, NY. Just curious: why isn’t Stone Ridge on your list of towns?

    • We love Stone Ridge, and will write it up soon. The list of towns is generated by the posts, so until we cover something in Stone Ridge, it doesn’t appear on the list. But I was just there a couple of weeks ago and thought it was great. If you want to show off your country house, send us some pics and let us know why you chose Stone Ridge!

  4. I’m enjoying your blog! I just discovered it this evening through the NewburghRestoration site. Please, consider adding Haverstraw, N.Y. to the site. It’s at the widest part of the Hudson River, set below the jagged peak of High Tor Mountain. I write for, check it out. It’s a great village; very diverse, miles of shoreline, a great downtown (very dense) with an incredible stock of buildings/homes. The riverfront is really the biggest asset of the Village. There’s also a pretty awesome ferry that runs and connects to MetroNorth, which gets you into Grand Central in about 1 hour. Again, check out my blog: I’d love to eventually collaborate with you, if you’re interested. The Hudson Valley is my biggest passion.

  5. Dear Upstater,

    We are moving from Brooklyn to East Chatham in two weeks and wanted to know if you could recommend any great carpenter/artisans. We want to build some built in beds and shelving and want to work with someone on these projects who loves old houses. Any leads wold be so greatly appreciated—I am sure there are others out there looking for some good recommendations and we would be happy to share any we find.


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