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Super Affordable Bovina Rental

What goes on in Bovina that there are so many affordable properties there? I’ve seen this pop up on Craiglist before, and since it’s still there I figure some Upstater readers would be interested: an entire three-bed farmhouse for rent for $500/month. If you split that with someone else, well, you almost can’t afford not to do it. I haven’t been to Bovina for years, but I remember it being very sweet. It’s just a little too far for me at this point in time. Anyone else interested?

NYC/Upstate NY Housing Swaps

We’re taking a break from Town of the Week to investigate another method of upstating: the house swap. It’s great way to test out areas to live in upstate New York — my Catskills farmhouse for your Manhattan two-bedroom and such. One of my hesitations about buying upstate is cat care: who’s gonna feed Hugo, who abhors the car, when my family is luxuriating in the country? This certainly solves that problem, as long as the swappers aren’t allergic.

There aren’t many listed these days, although this one caught my eye: “2 fireplaces, 2 bedrooms, large sunporch with great views. Sauna. Gourmet kitchen.” It’s in Bovina Center, in Delaware County/western Catskills, some three-and-a-half hours from my zip code in Brooklyn. Farther than I like, but the price (free) is right. Alas, they’re looking for a Manhattan pad, not Brooklyn.

No juicy pictures for this one: one bedroom in a farmhouse to swap for a room in the big city. Says it’s sweet, but that word is open to interpretations.

Another offer with no pictures here, but it sounds enticing: two-bedroom cabin in Hurley, NY (lovely there). “The cabin is off exit 19 and has king sized bed in the master bedroom and bunk beds in the kids room. Wifi, projector and screen, fireplace/woodstove heat. Property is 40 acres with lots of trails adjacent to 200 acres of state land.” Only hitch: they’re looking for city accommodations Monday throkugh Wednesday.

If anyone knows of any other NYC-Catskills/Hudson Valley housing swaps, please let us know! We’ll be offering up a few others this week.

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