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Behold, the Octagon House: $459,000 in Catskill

Um, is this the coolest place we’ve ever featured on Upstater? I’m pretty sure it is (and my thanks to Peter Aaron for pointing it out!).  You hardly need me to explain its coolness to you, although I will point out that even though it’s on two “park-like acres” it’s between two pretty busy roads, and on the other side of the creek from the increasingly charming part of Catskill. Still, where else but Catskill can you pick up a renovated architectural, octagonal masterpiece from 1860, one that has a media room, for $459,000? Taxes are reasonable-ish, at $6,282. It has four beds, 1.75 baths, 3,700 square feet, and a spiral staircase that leads to what they call the sky lantern. Absolute and total heaven, if you’ll pardon my effusiveness.

Greene County Pick of the Week: Catskills Arts & Crafts Brick House for $209,000

I love brick homes like this Catskill village arts & crafts number because they just look so solid. In these  Snowtober, vaguely apocalyptic times, I feel a house that the big bad wolf couldn’t blow down would be a good investment.

The glassed-in front porch and green trim gives this house such curb-side appeal. The interior is roomy with some nice original woodwork though the overall look keeps things pretty simple. (The bathroom and kitchen could probably use some updating.) There’s an insulated studio space in the attic floor as well as a three-season screened porch. The house has been on and off the market at this price since July—and was acquired in 2006 for $189,000. It’s a true village home, which means you’re right off the Thruway,  and a very short walk to the Catskills Marina and the Hudson. You’d have both water sports and village life within easy reach, though this isn’t for country gentlemen wannabes. More stats plus map on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Catskill Village Victorian, $119,000

Ah, good bones, great potential. We know what that’s code for, but even so, this downtown Catskill Victorian seems like a good buy. Close to the river, close to “Always Improving” Main Street, in that sweet neighborhood of neat (and always improving) vintage homes. It’s got five beds, one-and-a-half baths, a nice porch (a must if you’re going to live in the village, says me). The place was sold in 2007, during the real estate frenzy, for $135,000, so the owner must be resigned to taking a loss. (Back in 2002, the place was sold for one dollar, according to Property Shark!) It can’t be in too bad shape, since the last assessor gave it a grade of B. Has but a teeny tiny yard, but there’s some nice greenery nearby. This is the kind of price that fuels my dreams. Stats on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Catskill Creek Cottage for Sale for $139,500

I don’t quite agree with the realtor’s description of this post and beam  Catskill Creek cottage as a “jewel box,” but I do think it has a lot of appealing features. I love hand-hewn beams and stonework, and the pitched ceiling gives this little house (625 sq. feet) an airier feel. The real selling point, though, is the Catskill Creek location. The cabin’s deck overlooks the creek as well as historic Black Bridge, making this one a good fit for kayaking and swimming hole enthusiasts who want to spend more time outside than in.The house is winterized, with both a natural gas furnace and a stone fireplace to keep you toasty when you’re Upstate snow-shoeing.

The cabin is on the outskirts of Catskill village, so you’d have convenience—and neighbors, though this one does feel private. Interesting back story, too: according to property records, this house was bought in 2002 for $1000. I wonder what it looked like then.

Stats and map on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Catskill Cottage on Five Miles Wood Road for $169,000

This little cottage in the town of Catskill is a good example of how a thoughtful renovation can make an unremarkable property into something much more appealing. Thanks to a lot of windows and a judicious use of white on white, this standard issue and rather small ’70s ranch looks bright and airy. As an Italophile, I like the terracotta floors—so underused in these parts, though maybe a bit chilly for Upstate winters. (Perhaps the next owners can invest in a bear rug? White, of course.)

“Catskill” here denotes both the region and the town, but note that this isn’t in the village nor within walking distance of it. The house is, however, on desirable Five Miles Road, one of prettiest country roads in Catskill, and the property comes with an acre of land. It’s also close-ish the Exit 21 on the NYS-thruway, making this relatively convenient for a Greene County property.

Stats and map on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Town of the Week: Catskill

For this week’s TOTW, we’re taking a look at the Greene County Seat, Catskill. Catskill, like other places we’ve covered, names both a town and a village and in this case, a region and a mountain range. Also, the village of Catskill is not really in the Catskills. Confusing? We’ll break it down for you.

The village of Catskill (population 4081) sits on west side the Hudson River, across from the town of Hudson, about two hours north of NYC via car (exit 21 on the Thruway) and train (Hudson Amtrak stop), at foot of the Catskill mountains. It’s a West Side town, so the train doesn’t cut through these frontier parts, but the Hudson train station and its lovely little town are just across the river via the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. This means two things: Catskill’s main street isn’t as developed or touristed as Hudson’s, and the real estate here is cheaper. The village’s main drag is Main Street, and it has a some local antique shops and art galleries (including frequent open studio nights), a Saturday farmer’s market, and an obsession with fiberglass cat figurines.

Like a lot of Upstate towns, Catskill was hit hard by suburban sprawl and de-industrialization, but there has been a concerted and noticeable effort to bring Catskill back and revitalize its Main Street.  Because of its positioning, the village of Catskill has a lot in its favor, making it ripe for a bigger boom: access to Hudson River and Catskill Creek water sports as well as to Catskill mountain activities, a historic downtown with lots of small business space yet easy drives to big box retailers like Loews and Home Depot, accessibility and high name recognition.  Note, though, that some Greene County locals view downtown Catskill as crime-plagued. Violent crime in Catskill is uncommon, but there is a relatively high rate of theft. Click here for crime stats.

Note too that the village of Catskill is part of the larger town of Catskill (population approx 11,000), which also includes the more rural hamlets of Leeds, Cairo, and High Falls. We’ll be showing houses in both the village proper and its surrounding hamlets this week, which represent a real range of country village and rural Upstate living.

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