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Pine Plains Country House Perfection, Just Shy of $10 Mill

I’m pretty sure this Pine Plains/Millbrook colonial is the most expensive house we’ve ever written up, out of reach of probably all of our readers. But of all the listings that popped up under Pine Plains, this one looked most like the dream, albeit the super WASP-y, horse farm, upper crust dream. Five beds, three-and-a-half baths, over 300 acres, great views, kitchen to die for. Price tag: $9,995,000. No problem, right? I’ve got it right here under my mattress!

Friday Real Estate Porn: 18th c. Tavern in Millbrook, $1.1 Mill

How times have changed. Someone last bought this former tavern in Millbrook in ’99 for $251,000. It’s currently assessed at $851,000, a nice penny for the owners, even if quite a bit less than they’re hoping to get for it. I chose this one for its gardens and the little greenhouse attached to the addition on the home, and also the word “hot tub” listed under amenities. My future country house will at the very least have an outdoor shower, and, as long as I’m fantasizing, might have an outdoor hot tub, too.

623 Killearn Road sits on 10 acres, has 4,000 square feet of living space and central air. Stats on the jump.

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High Potential Property in Millbrook: Bennett School for Girls

I drove by this place a couple of weeks ago and had to stop. Apparently it’s a former women’s college — The Bennett School for Girls — whose doors were shuttered in 1978. I’ve seen a few references about redeveloping it, but as far as I know it’s just sitting there, waiting to become and eco-resort.







1920 Post-and-Beam Dutch Colonial in Millbrook for $425,000

This Millbrook weekend warrior converted carriage house/contempo Dutch Colonial offers a lot of space and bells and whistles: three bedrooms but with the “potential” for five, just over three acres of land with mountain views, never having to wait for a bathroom. The property allows for horses, the lofted master bedroom boasts its own jacuzzi, and there’s an artist studio in basement. I like that the property looks so rolling and bucolic but it’s just a mile from the village, a hard balance to find.

It’s most notable feature, though, could be a drawback. How you feel about this house depends on how you feel about tongue-and-groove cedar walls. They’re every where here. I fear this much wood would make me feel like I was living in a sauna. Cozy or claustrophobic? Let us know what you think.  Read the rest of this entry

Pre-Revolutionary Cottage in Millbrook, $385,000

Sweet, yes? This Millbrook cottage has the low ceilings that are common in houses this age, and I don’t love the kitchen, but there’s an undeniable charm to this house. I think it had a 1980s or early 90s update, judging from the cabinets and the solarium tacked on. Good stuff: 11 acres, a stream, original cooking hearth, nice fireplace, built-ins. If you can handle the low ceilings, this one screams country house. Taxes are not outrageous at $3,207 a year (I’ve seen way higher) $10,885 a year (listed as much lower on Trulia, for some reason) nd it’s got a nice combo of feeling really rural but being only minutes from the village of Millbrook and the MetroNorth. Stats on the jump.

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Millbrook Cottage, $399,000

When a listing says “first offering in 50 years,” I usually think that means it hadn’t been updated. But this sweet little home, close to the village of Millbrook, seems to have a modern touch in its 1881 shell. Not that I like all of it–those kitchen cabinets are not for me. But I like its open floor plan, its 12 acres of land, the outbuildings and the roominess–four bedrooms, two baths all told. It even has a second floor apartment for rental income or for your teenage kids to have their own lair. Probably needs a little cosmetic love. Been on the market for over six months, FYI. Stats on the jump.

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Town of the Week: Millbrook, N.Y.

from Wikipeadia

I’m kind of afraid of what my love of Millbrook says about me. It seems to me to be a perfect country house town, although that might be because it reminds me so much of the Hamptons, without the traffic jams and with a little less plastic surgery. And by that I mean: it’s a tiny town, but everything in it is absolutely perfect: little shops, delicious restaurants, boutiques selling home decor I cannot even afford to look at. There’s a nice market, lovely little walkable streets, a sparkling lake/pond. It’s only 14 miles from Poughkeepsie, so you could take MetroNorth and such, but still feels very rural.

The downside: it’s ritzy. Ostentatious. All Beemers and Audis (except for the short time that my ’96 Volvo rolled into town). It’s not dripping with wealth like the Hamptons, not as in-your-face–more refined and less glitzy. But, you know, I saw a lot of twin sets and pearls, and a couple of properties over $27 million!

I like it anyway. Peruse Millbrook listings here, while we’re fishing out some beauties for you this week.

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