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Pine Plains Country House Perfection, Just Shy of $10 Mill

I’m pretty sure this Pine Plains/Millbrook colonial is the most expensive house we’ve ever written up, out of reach of probably all of our readers. But of all the listings that popped up under Pine Plains, this one looked most like the dream, albeit the super WASP-y, horse farm, upper crust dream. Five beds, three-and-a-half baths, over 300 acres, great views, kitchen to die for. Price tag: $9,995,000. No problem, right? I’ve got it right here under my mattress!

Pine Plains Village Greek Revival, $295,000

Route 82 is a main drag out of town, but the times I’ve been down it, it hasn’t been that busy. So if you’re looking for a spot within the village of Pine Plains, and some rental income, this Pine Plains Greek revival is worth a look. You’ll have to look hard, though — a scarcity of photos are available for your perusal. The place is currently used as a three-family, but convertible back to one, and it comes with a membership to the town beach! Stats on the jump.

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Pine Plains Farmhouse, $199,000

Unsolicited real estate tip: take your exterior photos at twilight with the lights on. Doesn’t that make this Gallatin farmhouse look so inviting? And take the interior photos when sunlight is streaming in, as they’ve done here. You can tell this is one of those places that’s been added on to bit by bit since it was built in 1840. At this point, it has four beds, one-and-a-half baths, more than 2,700 square feet, nice views. And over two-and-a-half acres. Feels like a good deal, though I wonder if it feels rambling inside, the way many of these places that started off tiny and grew gradually often do. Has a couple of outbuildings, always a plus in my book. Perhaps guests could stay in the electrified garden shed? Stats on the jump.

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Pine Plains “Mulberry Cottage,” $395,000

Does it help to name a house? Some would think so, and certainly calling this Pine Plains farmhouse Mulberry Cottage adds to its charm and distracts a bit from its address, right smack on Route 82 (admittedly a smaller road than nearby 22, so not by any means a deal breaker). The description really undersells it (or else they’re preparing you for disappointment). They call it a “small place in the country with potential for expansion and in good condition,” but it has four bedrooms, over 2,500 square feet and a pool. Taxes are a little more than $500/month. It’s about a three-minute drive or 20-minute walk to town, close to Stissing Pond. Personally, I’d paint over that wood paneling, but some might find that charming, as well. Stats on the jump.

7548 Route 82, Pine Plains (H.W. GUERNSEY REALTORS INC.) GMAP
Asking Price: $395,000
Beds: 4
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 2.528
Year Built: 1930
Taxes: $6,854
Features: Pool, security system, fireplace

Town of the Week: Pine Plains

Someone recently lodged a complaint that we don’t cover real estate east of the Taconic. We object! In fact, we took a long drive down Route 22 the other day, all the way from the Berkshires until we hit the Hutch, and we can tell you there are lots of interesting outposts on the way. Let’s start with Pine Plains, because, as it happens, there’s an actual town there, with a main street that we wouldn’t exactly categorize as bustling, but you can certainly get your groceries there and some other amenities, too. Definite curb appeal, non-snobby, very sweet, and a good lamp store, too.

So, transportation: 30 minutes or less from the Wassaic Metro-North station, and about the same from the Amtrak station at Rhinecliff. I consider that a nice bonus. Pine Plains’ population is somewhere around 2,500. According to a 2003 article from the NY Times, Pine Plains is horse country, but also has a nice lake, the only stoplight for miles, and the lovely views from Stissing Mountain. The town isn’t in the mountains, but I could spy nice mountain views from certain spots. I didn’t visit it myself, but apparently Pine Plains also has one really fine locavore restaurant, Agritourismo.

There are five hamlets within the town of Pine Plains, and we’ll take a look at those as well. The real estate snapshot as of this writing is pretty interesting: there are 18 houses on the market between $100K and $200K, and 17 over $800K — must be some horse farms in the mix, which we’ll save for Friday real estate porn.

Another Fabulous Upstater: Susan Orlean

I love Susan Orlean so much I can’t even be jealous of her bucolic-literati lifestyle. She seems so above trendiness that reading about her Columbia County home in the New York Times made me even prouder to be a part-time Upstater. I get the sense that she’s not a follower of fashion, just a person of good taste.

The article is in promotion of Orlean’s new book, “Animalish,” which is a fine excuse for all of us to salivate over her petting zoo. Her 55 acre property is home to “one dog, three cats, eight chickens, four turkeys, six guinea fowl, one fish and two snow-white ducks.”

If you had the space, what sort of farm animals would you adopt?

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