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New York Post on the Non-Skiing Charms of Hunter

An article about the non-ski related attractions of Hunter Township, which includes the village of Hunter and neighboring Tannersville, ran in today’s New York Post.

I find Hunter village rather sleepy, even by Upstate standards, but I completely concur about the warmth and friendliness. The last time I was in the hardware store on Main Street, they had coffee and cookies on offer for anyone who wanted them—seriously, baked goods at the hardware store!

Friday Real Estate Porn: Onteora Park Estate for $950,000

This is one of the properties with a coincidental post-Irene price reduction. If you’re in the market for an estate in a century-old gated community, try this…especially if you have a bunch of weddings to host. The decor in this Onteora Park country pad is, um, pretty odd — so odd I almost like it. Lawn jockeys and balloons and wine collections, oh my. It has seven beds, 10 and a half baths, 15 acres, a pavilion, and a two-bed guest house…which, as usual, is that part I really like. Stats on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Friday Real Estate Porn: The President’s Lodge, $2.85 mill

I’m in it for the guest house, myself, but the view from this 5,871-square-foot Arts and Crafts home in the ritzy Onteora Park is probably worth a million on its own. The house has its own website, which riffs on the history of Tannersville as well. It has nine fireplaces, seven beds, six full baths. That oughta do it. It was built in 1920 and from the photos looks like the right combination of updated and preserved. If this one doesn’t do it for you, there are about 20 other exclusive homes available in beautiful Onteora Park.

604 Route 23C, Tannersville (Village Green Realty) GMAP
Asking Price: $2.85 million
Beds: 7
Baths: 6
Year Built: 1920
Land: 14.5 acres
Features: Pond, Mountain views
Distance to NYC: 123 miles, 2 hours, 35 minutes

Big Village Victorian in Tannersville for $229,000

As mentioned, the village of Tannersville is up and running (though quiet!), so I thought we’d turn our spotlight on this big, old house right in town. Main Street in Tannersville has a nice smattering of businesses but fewer large stand-alone homes so close to the all the action. The realtor states this house has B&B potential (and with all that floral wallpaper, it’s definitely got the Upstate B&B look down cold). With 4 bedrooms, plus an office/den and 4 baths, you’d certainly have the space, but potential entrepreneurs should note that that Tannersville’s Main Street does already have a couple B&B offerings. Note, too, that while living in “town” in Tannersville does mean you can walk to the bar, or to brunch, or to a nice dinner, you’ll still have to get in your car and drive if you want things like groceries. Town’s geared toward fun, not practicality.

Even if you keep this home all to yourself, you’ll have plenty of original woodwork polishing to keep you occupied. Stats and more pics on the jump.

GMAP 5914 Main St, Tannersville

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Need Someone to Check on Your Greene County Country House?

Carol Shaw from Shaw Country Realty has very generously offered to check on the homes of second home owners post-Hurricane Irene. The number for Shaw Country Realty is 518-734-3500.

Part of the motivation here is the National Guard is only supposed to let residents through to closed roads. That said, I am not a full-time resident, but I was able to get through. The National Guard has been pretty reasonable about letting people pass, but if you can’t make the trip, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

One more thing: if you bought your home relatively recently, you might want to try your own broker for a similar check-in service. Many Greene County brokers have offered to do the same as Carol.

Where to Get Help and Give Help in Windham and Surrounding Area

Main Street, Windham, Volunteer efforts post Hurricane Irene

Hello from Tannersville! I’ve been listening to WRIP-FM pretty obsessively, and it’s been a great source of community information about Hurricane Irene relief in Greene County. They’ve been giving out key numbers all day, many of which can be found on their website. Here’s a quick round-up of their info for getting and giving help if you live in or near Windham.

If you’re in the Windham area and need food, medicine, or water delivered (or know someone who does), call the Windham Emergency Command Center: 518-734-4938. They have real, live people answering the phones! If you’re able to drive and need food, water, or company, you can head to Main Street in Windham and stop in front of the library. They’re set up on the lawn serving hot food and giving free water to all comers. If, like me, you’re still out of electricity, this is a great option for dinner. They’re serving spaghetti for dinner tonight and could also use extra hands. Just show up and they’ll put you to work!

If you’re a mountain resident and want to help deliver food, medicine and water to folks in need, call the command center volunteer hotline at 518-610-0380. Leave a message with your phone number, and they’ll get back to you to tell you what they need. Note that many mountain roads are open to residents only, so you’ll need to show proof of residency if you plan to help out with deliveries.

Albergo Allegria on Route 296 is organizing a clothing drive. They’re accepting donations tomorrow afternoon, Sept 1st, and will be distributing them on Friday, Sept 2nd. They’re looking for volunteers to help sort the donations. Call Iris Kaplan at 518-947-4995 if you’d like to help out. The Albergo Allegria is also offering free hot showers for folks still without running water. No need to call ahead. Just show up with your favorite bath gel.

Finally, note that Tannersville is up and running—-and they have electricity! I’m writing this from Maggie’s Krooked Cafe, where you can use wireless, charge up, etc—-and where they put whipped cream on your iced coffee just to be nice.

Fingers crossed that the rest of the mountain will get electricity by the weekend, as promised!

Onteora Park Estate for $499,000

I planned to write about this Onteora Park Estate before Irene hit. I haven’t been to visit since, but when I head Upstate tonight, I plan to take a drive through lovely, enviable Onteora to see how it fared.

This 1890 home is made of solid stuff: original wide plank floors, stone fireplaces, double-hung windows and even ornate door hinges. There are established perennial gardens throughout the 1.5 acre property, and 4 porches. I hope this pretty piece of history made it through the storm.

854 Onteora Road, Tannersville

Asking Price: $499,000
Year Built: 1890
Bedrooms: 4
Sq.Footage: 2617
Distance to NYC:123 miles, 2 hrs, 35 mins

Sad News, and Road Updates

Upstater’s Alia is in Greene County to check on her house and help out other folks who were looking for information about their loved ones and properties. (Her house is fine, yay). She reports that Route 23A is closed, but she was able to get up 23. Others reported that Mountain Road from Saugerties is closed and collapsted at Kaaterskill Falls. Tannersville, however, is doing fine and much is open for business.

Another reader wrote in to tell us that her mom, and her mom’s house, is fine, but that the caretaker of the property drowned while trying to deal with the aftermath of the storm. Our hearts go out to her.

Tannersville Farmhouse, $215,000

We had our eyes on something stream-front to post, but we haven’t heard back from the broker yet about whether this property is now under a stream instead of next to it. In the meantime, here’s an affordable property with nice views, whose lack of proximity to water is suddenly a boon. It’s suffering from a bad case of shitty photography, but seems to have a decent kitchen. It’s got three beds, 1,400 square feet, and only an acre of land, but it’s on a small street (right off a big one). We know it’s hard to conceive of Tannersville right now, considering the shape that neck of the Catskills is in, but we’re gonna try. Stats on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Turn-of-the-Century Tannersville “Cottage” for Sale for $380,000

I love when spacious, elegant houses are called “cottages” to indicate their second home status. Viva old money understatement! This 5 bedroom, 3 bath Tannersville “cottage,” found in the elegant Onteora Park neck of the woods, hardly counts as roughing it, though it does offer plenty of rustic and period touches. Real wood paneling, a stone fireplace, two clawfoot tubs, built-in bookshelves and established gardens complete the package. Plus, much of furniture is available as part of the asking price.

The house is located Route 23C,  between the Mountain Top Arboretum and Main Street, Tannersville, a pretty stretch of road. It hit the market in June, and the price hasn’t budged, but while the area is very desirable, I think this could come down a bit. And make sure they stick to that furniture offer!

Stats and more pics on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

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