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Upstate NY Holiday Rentals

Here are the last few good ones we found on AirBnB. Still available, as of this posting! Happy holidays, all.

City of Hudson Apartment
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Comment: nice location if you want to be in the city


Andes Farmhouse
5 Bedrooms
2 Baths
Comment: What a steal!


Copake Lake Ski Cabin
3 Beds (Two beds and loft)
1 Bath
Comment: Up there last weekend and saw plenty of skiers on the mountain.

Super Affordable Bovina Rental

What goes on in Bovina that there are so many affordable properties there? I’ve seen this pop up on Craiglist before, and since it’s still there I figure some Upstater readers would be interested: an entire three-bed farmhouse for rent for $500/month. If you split that with someone else, well, you almost can’t afford not to do it. I haven’t been to Bovina for years, but I remember it being very sweet. It’s just a little too far for me at this point in time. Anyone else interested?

Housing Swap: Delhi Farmhouse for Dog-Friendly NYC Pad

This is the one of only other swaps we could find with photos. Sadly, photos don’t offer much info. Nice mountain views, yes, but what’s up inside the house? You can email the owner to find out, of course. Here’s his description: “4bedroom farmhouse with library, WiFi, cable ready.”

No one will accuse this swapper of verbosity! He’s looking for a weekday swap close to downtown Brooklyn that allows dogs. More photos on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

NYC/Upstate NY Housing Swaps

We’re taking a break from Town of the Week to investigate another method of upstating: the house swap. It’s great way to test out areas to live in upstate New York — my Catskills farmhouse for your Manhattan two-bedroom and such. One of my hesitations about buying upstate is cat care: who’s gonna feed Hugo, who abhors the car, when my family is luxuriating in the country? This certainly solves that problem, as long as the swappers aren’t allergic.

There aren’t many listed these days, although this one caught my eye: “2 fireplaces, 2 bedrooms, large sunporch with great views. Sauna. Gourmet kitchen.” It’s in Bovina Center, in Delaware County/western Catskills, some three-and-a-half hours from my zip code in Brooklyn. Farther than I like, but the price (free) is right. Alas, they’re looking for a Manhattan pad, not Brooklyn.

No juicy pictures for this one: one bedroom in a farmhouse to swap for a room in the big city. Says it’s sweet, but that word is open to interpretations.

Another offer with no pictures here, but it sounds enticing: two-bedroom cabin in Hurley, NY (lovely there). “The cabin is off exit 19 and has king sized bed in the master bedroom and bunk beds in the kids room. Wifi, projector and screen, fireplace/woodstove heat. Property is 40 acres with lots of trails adjacent to 200 acres of state land.” Only hitch: they’re looking for city accommodations Monday throkugh Wednesday.

If anyone knows of any other NYC-Catskills/Hudson Valley housing swaps, please let us know! We’ll be offering up a few others this week.

The $249,000 Book Barn

I haven’t been able to get the brokers for this very unusual property to fill me in on a few key details, like what’s the deal with the kitchen (no photo), but I’m posting it anyway, for those who desire a more literary retreat. It’s pretty much got one loft bedroom and a lot of open space, some 3,000 square feet of it. Unless you want a retreat for one, you’d need to do a little work to make it full-time inhabitable, including adding another bathroom and closing off a few walls for privacy. Seems to have lovely grounds, almost five acres, in the teeny tiny hamlet of South Kortright, near Stamford. The kicker: pretty far from the city for a country house, at least three hours and getting into central NY territory. Which is where real estate gets incredibly affordable, so I think this one could be had for even less. Stats on the jump.

Read the rest of this entry

Super Cool Silo Home, $163,000

Oh, if only I were cool enough to buy this place. It’s the right price, looks amazing, close to skiing at Belleayre (though there might soon be an enormous development at Belleayre, so maybe that’s not always going to be a plus. This renovated silo home in Highmount, NY was recently profiled in the NY Times, so maybe there’s ample interest, but it’s still on the market, folks. The realtors point out that Delaware County has lower taxes (lower than Ulster and Dutchess, one would assume): $1,376 a year, which seems pretty good to me! Also according to Property Shark, it’s assessed for $88,000. It’s on 7.76 acres, and it sure does look like a fun weekend place. It’s somewhere between two-and-a-half and three hours from Brooklyn. Stats on the jump.

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Margaretville’s New Normal

Margaretville / Arkville Flood Dump

The flood. Life in Margaretville now feels measured in before and after. And, the after I’ve been avoiding writing about. Nothing feels profound enough. I can never say enough and my take is not important enough. So where to start? Maybe with the piles of rubbish stacked on Route 28. Among the tires and shipping pallets, lumber, even an intact round wooden picnic table, was the cerulean blue siding of the Valkyrian Motel in Fleischmanns. It floated downstream, killing the one woman left inside. The sight is incredibly sad, the building reduced to stacks of kindling.  The temporary flood dump in Arkville is testimony to the destruction: mountains of debris – refrigerators, furniture and trees all separated out. Or, there’s the person who set fire to his building on Main Street last weekend to collect on insurance. Everything feels transformed and oddly normal at the same time. But, when the air raid siren for the volunteer fire department goes off, you get an inner quaking of not-again.

The grocery store: gone, CVS collapsed and a row of shops on Main Street condemned with police tape around the doors that now stand perpetually open. One of the biggest issues here is the housing stock. Not the kind of fancy for second home-owners, but apartments and trailers, places lived in by the folks with the least. If that condemned row on Main Street is torn down (along with its 25 apartments) rebuilding there will be virtually impossible. Building standards would require it to be at least 8 feet high, the height of the highest flood.

The day after the flood I found an undamaged red, white and blue striped candle in the Freshtown parking lot. Now that candle is just the sort of thing I’d have thought tacky the day before, but among the slabs of torn-up asphalt, it seemed like hope itself. I put it at the foot of the store’s mascot, a chainsaw bear I wrote about in my first post on Margaretville. If anything is a marker of pre or post, it’s that the bear remains, and the area is tenacious in its rebuilding.

The region is open and businesses need support. If you love (or even like) Upstate New York, this is the time to visit. Leaves are turning, foliage beginning to take that brilliant hue of fall, and money is needed. Things are back to normal, or whatever the new normal is. And, despite the lingering raw feelings, businesses all along Route 28 are open – including most in Margaretville, Arkville and Fleischmanns.

Hiking Trails Closed in Post-Irene Catskills

We came across this post yesterday in a blog we’ve just discovered by an upstate New York real estate agent, Kellie Place (lots of good stuff on here, although a surprising pro-fracking bent to it). Kellie writes that the DEC has decided to close trails on DEC-managed land in Ulster and Greene counties, and state campgrounds will be closed, too. Better safe than sorry, as she says, although it’ll add to the continued problem of economic recovery, cutting into leaf-peeping season and the fall exodus to the hills. More info here on the DEC website.

In Margaretville, Teens Pitch In to Help, Post-Irene

Our Margaretville correspondent has penned this missive from the trenches of post-Irene clean-up, where area teenagers have been trudging through the mud, doing the hard physical labor of recovery. What’s more, they’ve volunteered, unasked. “There have been countless heroic moments this past week, some small some big, but in this all the local kids have shined,” she writes. Makes me think that Margaretville’s a darn good place to raise a kid.

Stamford Queen Anne, $149,000

Wowza. We haven’t covered Stamford yet — and Upstater hasn’t yet paid a visit to the town — so we can’t give you a rundown of the town itself. We can, however, tell you that the price on this five-bedroom Queen Anne Victorian has already been lowered by $40,000. Looks like a pretty meticulous renovation, minus the kitchen, which leaves a little something to be desired. But for the price, you could afford one heck of a nice kitchen remodel. Is anyone familiar enough with Stamford to give us some feedback on this property? Stats on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

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