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Blank Slate Facade in Newburgh for $125,000

This home at 520 Liberty has design touches from nearly every decade but, it has good bones. I bet you there is hardwood underneath those carpets. As you can see, the facade is a blank slate for anyone looking to restore the original look of this home. It is located on the northern outskirts of the city, across the street from the Mount St. Mary’s College campus. Even the original brick pavement still exists in these parts of Liberty Street. Check out more information and links below.

520 Liberty Street, Newburgh
Asking Price: $125,000
Year Built: 1900
Size: 1612 sq ft
Distance to NYC: 55.9 mi, 1 hour 11 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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Row Home Elegance in Newburgh for $399,000

I’ve been following this home for a while, and the price just dropped about $95k. It looks like the sellers are serious. This home is surrounded by other homes that represent the opulent era of Newburgh. The interior reflects that era as well through classical touches of decor. Montgomery Street was one of the first streets of Newburgh to be designated as part of the historic district. The future owners of this home will be amongst some of the most beautiful homes in Newburgh. See below for pictures and pricing information. Read the rest of this entry

Waterfront Mansion in Newburgh for $455,000

Whenever I think of Montgomery Street in Newburgh, this is one of the first homes that pop into mind. It has been photographed, painted, illustrated, and admired by many. Despite being partitioned into 4 different apartments, 192 Montgomery appears to have been well preserved for a home that is over 130 years old. The flooring, moldings, and fireplaces still all appear to be in tact, as well as the iron work. This home even comes with carriage houses! Although, they are in need of desperate work. The clear view of the Hudson River is to die for. This home is definitely one for a history buff,  an architect preservationist or just an old home aficionado. See below for pricing details and more photos. Read the rest of this entry

Tomorrow: Eat East Village Tamales, Help Upstate Farmers

Tomorrow night, the Lower East Side Girls’ Club is hosting a tamale dinner to benefit the Goshen-based Angel Family Farm, which was devastated by Tropical Storm Irene. Suggested donation is $10, and you get to meet the Angels!

Artist/Warehouse Space in Newburgh for $125,000

Upstate New York is often looked at as an alternative for affordable artist housing and venues. Sister city, Beacon has seen an almost complete turn around because of Dia: Beacon. Art tour, Newburgh Open Studios will be announcing it’s venues shortly and, artist spaces and warehouses started to come to mind. If you are an artist looking to set down some roots, or need a large space, consider 49 Johnes Street. Although some listings have expired for this property, it still seems like this warehouse is up for sale. It is in an ideal location, right in the heart of the Liberty Street/Heights District. It’s right down the street from Washington’s Headquarters and shops, and across the street from the Washington Park Condominiums. You’ll have to call to make sure all of the pricing and other information is correct. Find out why Newburgh is a transitioning city.

49 Johnes Street, Newburgh
Asking Price: $125,000
Year Built: 1960
Size: 5,000 SF
Distance to NYC: 55.9 mi, 1 hour 11 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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Newburgh Restoration’s Cher Vick responds to New York Magazine’s “Newburgh: Murder Capital of New York” article

We knew Cher Vick, founder/editor of Newburgh Restoration and regular Upstater Newburgh real estate correspondent, would have lots to say about New York magazine’s recent piece about crime and punishment in Newburgh. Here’s her take:

Newburgh has been the subject to an increase in press regarding the FBI activity occurring. The article from New York Magazine has not been the first. The New York Times wrote a similar article last year. I think there are two ways you can look at these types of news coverage. You can either say, “what a scary place Newburgh is”, or you can look at the article and say, “wow, these raids are accomplishing something in Newburgh,” and then you can look at all of the positive hard work going on.

One of the points that stood out from the NY magazine article was a stiffer jail sentence for offenders. Now, instead of being back on the streets within six months, some are being put away for ten years. Of course you can factor in that there will probably be someone new to take the place of those put in jail, but these stiffer jail sentences give Newburgh a chance to breathe. A lot of progress can happen in ten years if repeat offenders are off the street.

To defend or debate every part of the prison system, judicial system, law enforcement or Newburgh government is not my goal at all. Instead, I encourage people to speak to those who have been living in Newburgh for years and find out from them what it is really like. A MisterBurns posted a comment that sums up my reaction to the article, “…it’s a shame that the troubles of the city entirely crowd out the positives in this story, delivering yet another blow to peoples’ confidence in Newburgh’s future.”

Just four days after the NY Magazine article was published, the THR posted an article about the ribbon cutting of the Ritz Theater’s box office, and how little by little, the theater is getting closer to it’s goal of a complete restoration. The theater is a major project that will influence the revitalization of Newburgh. It’s unfortunate that progress like that wasn’t given equal attention.

The whole reason for starting my blog, Newburgh Restoration, was to show that there are positive things going on. My response to the New York times article was a list of progress in the city. If you wish to read more you can find the links below:

Positive News Articles on the City of Newburgh
2 Years worth of positive events in Newburgh
A City of Progress – Response to NYT article
Proof Newburgh is a transitioning city

Home with a Carriage House in Newburgh for $185,000

Urban upstate cities often have a lot of interesting mixed use architecture, in part, due to the their industrial pasts. Newburgh is no exception.

This home on 1st Street is massive. There isn’t anything extraordinary about the home. But what really struck my eye was this little carriage house. Buildings like these have immense possibilities from rentals, to art studios, to guest houses. The home itself is being listed as a 3 family home that supposedly needs no new work. The location isn’t the most desirable but, I have a thing for carriage houses! It is located right next to St. Luke’s Hospital. Take a drive around Newburgh and you’ll see there are quite many carriage houses to choose from.

193 1st Street, Newburgh
Asking Price: $185,000
Year Built: 1910
Distance to NYC: 58.7 mi, 1 hour 11 mins
Public Transportation: MetroNorth to Beacon, then take ferry across
Closest Roadways: 9W, I-87, I-84
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Updated Victorian for $149,000 in Newburgh

The open front door welcomes you to this lovely updated home in Newburgh located at 51 Carson Ave. There is probably nothing that needs to be done to this home since the listing mentions (and the photos show) that there is a new roof, boiler, water heater, electric service, water & gas main, sewer line, new kitchen & 2 new bathrooms. And there are two porches, one at the entrance, and one up on the roof.

There are tons of great photos. So see below the jump for photos, links, and more info on the home. To find out why Newburgh is a transitioning city click here. Read the rest of this entry

Updated Pale Blue Rowhome in Newburgh for $110,000

This home is updated and move in ready. There are original fireplaces and wood floors. I love the little backyard also. The price has been reduced over $15k. This home is located in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Newburgh that also has a community association group.

This could be a great little starter home for someone wanting to take a dip into Newburgh, but doesn’t want to do all the work of rehabbing a home. Find out why Newburgh is a transitioning city. See below the jump for stats and more photos. Read the rest of this entry

Waterfront Condo Project for Sale in Newburgh $360,000

These waterfront condos on Colden Street are very close to the Newburgh Waterfront. It looks like the developer was no longer able to complete the project and is now offering the land, plans, and approvals for $360k.

The plan back as of November 2010 was to have 30 condominiums at this site. If this project can actually come to fruition, this will be a huge boost to the Washington Heights area and Liberty Street. A 3 minute walk down the street is the Newburgh Brewery which is going to start construction soon. They are projected to open in November/December. The land still lies within the City of Newburgh and thus has to adhere to architecture regulations. It’s not my typical Newburgh Real Estate post but, the development of this land could have a huge impact on the Southern end of Newburgh’s waterfront. See below the jump for more info.  Read the rest of this entry

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