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Kerhonkson Waterfall House, $649,900

Can you imagine snuggling into your bed at night after a long day at the office, being lulled to sleep by the sound of a waterfall in your backyard?  I had to get five aquariums AND download a waterfall sounds app for my iPod just to get that effect in my apartment.  Having a swimming hole in your back yard in which to languish on sultry summer days would be pretty great also.

Oh, and we like the house, too.  It’s pretty, but the first thing I would do if I bought this home would be to pull up the carpets.  I always assume that under every hideous carpet lies a beautiful hardwood floor.  I have no basis for this assumption, except that one time, I lived in a house that had nice hardwood floors hidden by barf-green shag carpeting.  Long story short:  It doesn’t hurt to pull up the corner of the carpet, just to see what’s under there.

The house is set back from Boice Mill Road, secluded, and surrounded by farm land all around.  And if this was our yard, we’re not sure we’d ever be able to leave the property ever again.  Looks like the perfect place to go for a bit of an afternoon ramble, don’t you think?

205 Boice Mill Road, Kerhonkson (Murphy Realty Group) GMAP
Asking Price: $649,900
Beds: 4
Baths: 2
Square Feet: 2500
Land: 3.9 acres
Year Built: 1900
Features: Cathedral ceilings, waterfront

Friday Real Estate Porn: Claverack Passive House, $675,000

Haven’t heard of Passivhaus? It’s one of the greatest green building innovations since the igloo. Basically, it’s a house so tightly sealed that it hardly needs to be heated or cooled. It uses an air exchanger to help regulate the temperature, as well as passive solar heating (basically, a giant wall of south-facing glass that lets lots of light and sun and heat in during winter months, and an overhang to block it during the summer).

This passive house, a spec house in Claverack built by Dennis Wedlick Architects, is a beaut. 349 Millbrook Road in Claverack is an electric house with an expected annual utility bill of $400. Nice. It has three beds, two baths, 1,650 square feet and seven acres, all a hop-skip from Hudson. The ceilings are 22-feet high, very open floor plan. I think it’s a tad too modern for me, a little on the sterile side, though I’m sure if you furnish it warmly it’ll be amazing. Certainly, it’s a piece of architecture to be proud of.

It was profiled in the NY Times last summer (as well as in Interior Design this fall) and listed at $595,000. So what happened? Turns out the builder’s costs were much higher than anticipated, so they’ve now listed it at $675,000. Harumph.

349 Millbrook Road, Claverack (Gabel Real Estate) GMAP

Repost: Athens Waterside Retreat, $549,000

I was just going to write this place up for Athens week when I remembered that Alia had already done so. As she noted, it’s all about the kitchen. Actually, no, it’s not all about the kitchen. It’s about the acreage, the water views, the beautifully outfitted guest house. As she pointed out, the former mushroom far was featured in Saveur a while back. Taxes are $8,060 — pretty good for 16 acres.

156 Washington St Athens (Gary Di Mauro) GMAP
Asking Price: $549,000
Beds: 2 + guest house
Baths: 2
Taxes: $8,060
Land: 16.2 acres plus 10.4 additional acres available for purchase.
Features: River views, barn, guest house.

Greene County Pick of the Week: Athens Country Retreat with Upstate’s Most Gorgeous Kitchen

Ok, the $549,000 price point on this country house is more than I usually allow for my Greene County cheapies, but I couldn’t resist this kitchen. It looks so Tuscan, and not in that cheesy Sopranos-way that usually shows up in American interpretations of Italy.

I’m not alone in my love of this home’s entertaining spaces: the house, built on a former mushroom farm, was featured in Saveur a few years back. The home is new, but it doesn’t quite look it. I think the builder did a great job of using the barn inspiration. The property comes with a ton of land as well as the option to buy an additional 10.4 acre building site. My main quibble is the bedrooms look tight—and I’d like more of them at this price. There is a guest house, but I love having house guests and sleepovers and the feeling that we’re all in it together if a serial killer comes …

Stats and map on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

New Paltz Cape, $529,000

Warning: conflict of interest, instance of nepotism. This is my pal’s place, and since she so kindly gave us her insights into life in New Paltz, we decided to show it to you. Liz says the house, built in 1999, is amazing, wonderful, a revelation, close to town…and just too big for her family of three. So they’re looking to downsize.

If you, however, are looking to upsize, here’s what you’ll get: “4 bedrooms, 5 baths, finished recreation room, a second sunroom with soaring, sky lit ceiling, and a gourmet kitchen with granite counters joining the spacious breakfast area.” Space, indeed, with over 4,000 square feet. And nice views. Close to town. Taxes: over $16,000, which is a common problem with real estate around these parts.


New Paltz Center Hall Colonial, $499,999

Hm, what have we here? I’m not a big fan of the center hall myself — I cotton to open floor plans myself — but this New Paltz center hall colonial has enough to offer that I’d be willing to overlook it. What nice views, gardens, pool. Built in 1840, it’s on 7.5 acres and has over 3,500 square feet. Been on the market for over a year and has already had a $100,000 price reduction. I admit the description has me interested: “A Majestic tree lined driveway leads to this stately, historically significant Schreiber Family Homestead. Original woodwork is intact, wideboard floors, original doors, a beautiful wrap screened dining porch w/ MT. views for entertaining!”

Here’s the puzzling part: Property Shark says it was last sold in November 2010 (which contradicts the amount of time it’s been listed) for $850,000, a price that seems more reasonable considering what this house purports to have. The buyer was Alpenaster Corp, a company based on West Broadway in Manhattan. So, there’s a bit of a mystery, and a steep price cut. It’s also only about a mile from the Thruway, but I doubt you can hear it.

Here is the big bummer: taxes. $17,500. There goes my dream. Stats on the jump.

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Modern Ulster County Homes, from Affordable to Dreamable

I came across this post over on Dylan Taft’s website — he’s the real estate broker who gave us the inside scoop on Stone Ridge a couple of weeks ago. He’s done a great job picking out modern homes for sale in Ulster County that range from $250,000 to $850,000. Naturally, I love the most expensive one, but there’s a good mix here.

Stone Ridge Renovated Barn, $575,000

I’m in love. Yes, I think the decor and fixtures in this renovated Stone Ridge barn need to be tweaked some, but in general I really appreciate the mix of rustic and exposed beams with the sleek lines — I believe I recognize some of those lights from Room and Board. I think it’s beautifully done, and a great location — very close to downtown Stone Ridge but on a quiet street (a long cul-de-sac, in fact), with mountain views and great outdoor space. I love the bathroom. I sense that this has recently belonged to an architect home owner, don’t you. And what do you think of the stainless steel cabinets in the kitchen? If I were moving full time up there, this would be a contender for me. It was bought in 2002 for $210,000 and sold the next year for $503,000. Must have been a renovation in there to explain the increase. Here’s the problem: estimated taxes: $11,377. OUCH. Stats on the jump.

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Upstate Jane: My Latest House Crush

Megan Oldenburger, aka Upstate Jane, is the owner of Dichotomy Interiors, an Interior Design and Style firm based in Woodstock, NY. She writes for Upstater about design, home furnishings, real estate and culture.

I get crushes on houses sometimes. I start fantasizing about them, all the things I want to do with them once they are mine, how I would buy it such beautiful things, and treat it so well. How I would spend the rest of my life with it, and grow with it. Well…this time my HUSBAND got the crush. I admit, I did too. This house was something. This home clearly swung both ways and was not afraid to seduce both of us.

Side of house and side entry

It was a chance encounter. We weren’t expecting to meet. Just on a simple Sunday drive when we saw the signs. OPEN HOUSE.

this stone path leads down from the entry over the brook

Sure, we see these signs all the time, and we don’t go pulling down just any old properties driveway. But this one was special. It was on a road we had “travelled” before. We had dabbled with another home down that street. Could it be that same house AGAIN? That previous house was off the market last we checked (had a lien on her, poor thing) Liens are like a leper in real estate. No one can touch you if they wanted, you are on your own island. The only thing you can do is hope for a quick foreclosure. We thought it could only be one other thing, the BIG stone house with the renovated barn.

We took the bait.

front entry hall

We pulled down the looong tree lined driveway with a babbling brook running alongside it with a picket fenced bridge leading down from the entry. Then, off to our left…It stood, just looking at us to come  up and chat. We drove up the curved road past the pretty red barn and saw her original stonework, and multiple chimneys. A large shed, and a screened in slate porch. As we entered we began through what is the dining room with it’s wide original stone and stucco fireplace and beamed ceilings. It just got better from there. I don’t want to “kiss and tell” but I will tell you that my husband was shooting off more pictures and prancing around like he had been kissed for the first time!

OH! This house has a past- in the 40’s and 50’s it was owned by Jane Burr, pioneering feminist, novelist/poet and was used as an Inn for writers. It’s current owners are a well known model and a musician/actor. Like I said though, I won’t kiss and tell.

In the end we couldn’t afford this gorgeous masterpiece, it is a bit overpriced still for the market, and the taxes just killed it for us. Time will tell. We visited again to make sure it was love and not lust, but the luster faded. This truly is an amazing property but there are a few things that need to be taken care of. In the end I needed to find something that was less expensive and less intimidating. For some lucky person though, willing to put the work in, this is going to be an amazing purchase. Oh, and if that lucky person is reading this right now…I would LOVE to help you renovate it!

Here is the listing and stats

Location: Woodstock

Beds:4 Bed (plus the barn studio)

Baths:2 Bath (3 if you count the barn studio)

House Size:2,281 Sq Ft

Lot Size:5.78 Acres

Last years taxes (here’s the kicker): $14,528

19th Century Farm, 90 Acres (and maybe antiques) in Walton, $635,000

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I once looked at a place that was covered in the New York Times. Owned by the artist Rob Pruitt and covered not just once but twice in the paper (first in the Home section then panned in the Arts), the articles and provenance were both selling points and failings. The house was painted black, had fake headstones in the yard, fake silicone water drips down the walls, and at that very moment I was checking it out, a flooding basement. Here’s another covered in the Times, owned by artist and antiques dealer Sean Scherer, who last week, the very week his place went on the market, was moving Anderson Cooper into his new home. (Scherer is in charge of the interiors in Cooper’s former firehouse turned actual house).

Scherer has one of those reverse Catskills’ success tales: Moves to the sticks (full-time) opens a business, gets covered in the Times and then is hired by the likes of Cooper and opens a shop in the city and now is moving back down (where the shop is covered in the Times again). The story isn’t quite that simple and includes a breakup (hence the move and sale). The place in Treadwell is a sweet 19th Century farmhouse with a great addition (I personally have a huge love for those reclaimed wood floors in the studio and also the school lockers in the pantry used for the china). It comes with nearly 3500 square feet, four bedrooms, studio, two living rooms and a Dutch bed in the dining room (good for reclining after a heavy meal). And a wet bar. More gossip (including the goodies that come with the house) and stats on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

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