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Pine Plains Country House Perfection, Just Shy of $10 Mill

I’m pretty sure this Pine Plains/Millbrook colonial is the most expensive house we’ve ever written up, out of reach of probably all of our readers. But of all the listings that popped up under Pine Plains, this one looked most like the dream, albeit the super WASP-y, horse farm, upper crust dream. Five beds, three-and-a-half baths, over 300 acres, great views, kitchen to die for. Price tag: $9,995,000. No problem, right? I’ve got it right here under my mattress!

The Amazing New Paltz Dome House, $1.2M

We wrote this place up during our upstate New York housing swap week, and, guess what? Curbed writes that the super eco-chic New Paltz dome house is now for sale. A cool $1.2 mill will get you the greenest, roundest, most space-age house we’ve seen.

Factory/Warehouse in Newburgh for $1.2 Million

The industrial past of Newburgh has left it with an interesting mix of commercial properties. This warehouse/factory at 311 First Street is among them, and it has a vast amount of possibilities. It’s no secret that the City could use the extra income and, it’s no secret that Hudson River Towns have seen complete makeovers due to a new art venue or museum moving into spaces such as these because of the large spaces they provide.

This building is huge, and has tons of windows that provide natural light. It is located on the corner of 9W and First Street, and only 2 blocks down from Downing Park. It seems to be currently housing some kind of ventilation company. I have no clue of the company is still operating and the owner just wants to sell the building. Either way, Newburgh’s factory housing stock should really be promoted. You never know what might be the next big change. See below for more pictures and information. Read the rest of this entry

Friday Real Estate Porn: 18th c. Tavern in Millbrook, $1.1 Mill

How times have changed. Someone last bought this former tavern in Millbrook in ’99 for $251,000. It’s currently assessed at $851,000, a nice penny for the owners, even if quite a bit less than they’re hoping to get for it. I chose this one for its gardens and the little greenhouse attached to the addition on the home, and also the word “hot tub” listed under amenities. My future country house will at the very least have an outdoor shower, and, as long as I’m fantasizing, might have an outdoor hot tub, too.

623 Killearn Road sits on 10 acres, has 4,000 square feet of living space and central air. Stats on the jump.

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Friday Real Estate Porn: Cold Spring Contemporary, $1.1 mill

Hm, what happened to Cold Spring in the 80s? I was looking for the upper crust of  Cold Spring real estate, but everything over $800,000 was built sometime in the Reagan Era. Maybe that’s what happened–the beginning of lowering taxes for the wealthy and allowing them to build more mansions up the Hudson.

Lots of them were cheesy, but I think this place is sleek enough to qualify for real estate porn. As usual, I love the little “artist’s cottage” more than the dramatic contemporary home. The place isn’t huge–three beds, less than 2,000 square feet. Stats on the jump.

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Friday Real Estate Porn: Kingston Second Empire Mansion, $2.1 mill

Crikey. What a place. I’ll live in the gazebo.

This National Register historic site is on the Hudson, my most favorite place to be in upstate New York. And look what two million gets you in the city of Kingston: seven beds, five baths, 30 rooms, ELEVEN THOUSAND SQUARE FEET and almost 12 acres. The place is called Edgewood Terrace, and it’s been on the market since February. If you buy this glorious piece of Kingston, N.Y. real estate because you saw it here first, you really owe us a weekend up there, don’t you think? Stats on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Friday Real Estate Porn: Gentleman’s Farm, $2,279 mill

I’ve ridden by this place many times, on a winding and open country road outside of town. The house is quite amazing looking, although I feel a little cheated that we don’t get photos of this grand place’s interiors. I mean, yeah, the 227 acres are nice and all but what about the kitchen?

For those dreaming of a bucolic life, and with a whole lotta change in the pocket, this is an impressive property. Already, the area is home to several CSAs that serve upstate towns and New York City alike, and the NYC CSAs are often sold out; there’s more room in the market for another. It’s got two tenant houses for rental income, or organic farm volunteers. Stats on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Friday Real Estate Porn: The President’s Lodge, $2.85 mill

I’m in it for the guest house, myself, but the view from this 5,871-square-foot Arts and Crafts home in the ritzy Onteora Park is probably worth a million on its own. The house has its own website, which riffs on the history of Tannersville as well. It has nine fireplaces, seven beds, six full baths. That oughta do it. It was built in 1920 and from the photos looks like the right combination of updated and preserved. If this one doesn’t do it for you, there are about 20 other exclusive homes available in beautiful Onteora Park.

604 Route 23C, Tannersville (Village Green Realty) GMAP
Asking Price: $2.85 million
Beds: 7
Baths: 6
Year Built: 1920
Land: 14.5 acres
Features: Pond, Mountain views
Distance to NYC: 123 miles, 2 hours, 35 minutes

Friday Real Estate Porn: The Grandest Estate in Bethel, $2.49 mill

The fanciest home in Bethel, within the grand Chapin Estates, have five beds, five baths and 4,460 square feet. That should cover it. It’s so secluded, says the copy, that a pair of bald eagles are nesting beside it. Plus, a hot tub. See you there.

185 Sunset Point, Bethel, NY (Sotheby’s) GMAP
Asking Price: $2.49 million
Beds: 5
Baths: 5
Land: 5 acres
Features: Lakefront, jacuzzi, gated community
Transportation: They don’t let you in here without a limo or something!

Friday Real Estate Porn: Modern in Germantown

Although we generally cover affordable-ish real estate on Upstater (after all, I’m looking for something I can buy on a freelance writer’s salary), from time to time we will put some things up just for drooling purposes. Hence: this Japanese architecture-inspired estate in this week’s spotlight village, Germantown. Hey, it’s under four million bucks!

The place was written up in the Times a few years ago (that alone ought to add a couple hundred thou to the price) and in Hudson Valley magazine last year. I like that it’s not full-on Dwell-ish (much as I love Dwell)–has some warmth to it along with the austerity. Of course, I’d be way more comfortable in the guest house than the fancy mansion, myself.

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