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Rental of the Week: Hopewell Junction A-frame, $2000/month

I might as well come clean (so to speak) and admit that I chose this adorable 3-bedroom rental because of one of the two bathrooms. There, I said it. As soon as I saw the photo of the gigantic walk-in shower with all the bells and whistles, not to mention the big bathtub with jets, harps began to play the dream music, and I imagined myself spending hours in that shower, asking, “What does this button do?” But hark!  Is that a cute, red spiral staircase?  Swoon!  I find it slightly suspicious, however, that the listing contained no pictures of the kitchen.   Considering how bright, fun and modern this place is, though, I’m willing to look past it and just assume that the kitchen is as cool as the rest of this house.

This is a lot of rental for $2,000 a month (plus the listing says it has 600 sf studio over the two-car garage), and while it’s fairly secluded, this 1,432-square foot A-frame still sits conveniently close to the Taconic Parkway. And how many BBQs would you throw if you had a patio like that?  If you answered, “As many as humanly possible,” then you win! It also sits pretty near the center of Hopewell Junction, which is a nifty little hamlet situated in East Fishkill. There’s plenty to do around there, like hiking, winery tours, shops, just in case your fancy spa bathroom gets a little boring for you.

Agency: St. Lawrence Properties, LLC

Furnished Athens Village Rental, $2,500/month

This downtown Athens home might not appeal to New Yorkers looking for weekend homes, but if you’re considering a weekend move and want to try out the village, well, this does seem pretty cool. It’s furnished — and tastefully so, I think — and has a great kitchen and cool-looking deck. Two blocks from the water and from the Stewart House, the heartbeat of downtown Athens. Four beds and two-and-a-half baths. You have to pay a realtor fee, but nothing like what you cough up in Brooklyn. I wonder what the story is — perhaps someone intended to move in and then got called away? Sabattical? Fellowship? Downsizing?

MLK Day Weekend Upstate New York Rentals

Over on Watershed Post, they’ve gathered up some of Red Cottage’s available upstate New York rentals for the holiday weekend. Um, I’ll take the one with the hottub.

A City-Style Amenity for Upstaters: Gourmet Grocery Delivery

Think of it as Fresh Direct, country style. Eureka Market, which I’m very excited to check out, has it’s own Direct service, and will stock your upstate New York vacation home fridge with groceries and local eggs and produce… and have it waiting for you for when you arrive, for a nominal delivery fee. Eureka, indeed! The market also has a bakery and cafe in Grahamsville, which caters to a variety of tastes: pizza, wings, and prosciutto, arugula, gruyere and tomato on brioche (a sandwich that costs only $5.50!).

On January 19th, Eureka Market will host its first “Meet & Eat,” to help both weekenders and full-timers get to know each other. “The idea is really more to set up a communal dining situation and let people expand their acquaintanceships,” they write. “It’s also a low-pressure way for singles to gather, so if they make a love connection, all the better!” If you’re interested in attending, send them a note.

By the way, the market is owned by the folks at Red Cottage, a company specializing in high-design rentals that our own Upstate Jane wrote up a while ago. They’re definitely a great resource for second homeowners upstate!

Upstate Jane: 2 Handmade Woodstock Homes- 1b/2b for 275K and 2b/1b for 139K

For over a hundred years…Long before the famous concert borrowed the town’s name, Woodstock has been home to artists, craftsman, musicians, activists and eccentrics looking to flee the city and live their lives simply and honestly surrounded by other bohemian’s that would celebrate and embrace community living, and passions that main stream society wasn’t ready to accept or fully respect. When the American Dream was still about finding your own way and doing it yourself, many of these people did not “buy” homes when they fled the city, but instead built them by hand with local materials found on the land, and down the creek in the area. With the help of the community and perseverance  (plus a lack of clear town building codes and permits I am assuming) they created some of the most ingenious and interesting homes around. Four generations later, some of these homes still exist today and are even available on the market. You can view these homes in the 1974 published book aptly titled “Woodstock Handmade Houses” by Robert Haney and David Ballantine, available on I was lucky enough to find this book thrown for the trash on a W. 70th Street curb in Manhattan on our way back from…yes, Woodstock.

The Maverick Concert Hall above

Hervey White was the Harvard educated “grandaddy” of the local handmade house phenomena,  leader of the Maverick Festival and original management team of the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony, also in Woodstock. An idealist to an extreme, Hervey helped build hundreds of handmade homes with and for people, as if scattering seeds across Woodstock’s landscape during the initial years of the  Festival in the 1900’s and beyond.

Below are two “handmade homes” available to purchase currently in Woodstock. There are more though, if you look hard enough.

For 275K, this 1954 handmade home has a warm, rustic and open layout that seems ideal for a couple or single person’s weekend retreat. Full of quirky and efficient details, this is the quintessential handmade house. Featured in the 1974 book, this home is ready for a new loving owner. Click here for the listing. Also available to rent for $150.00 a night.

Beds:1 Bed Baths:2 Bath House Size:1,480 Sq Ft Lot Size:2.93 Acres

Potentially one of the first Maverick Homes, this stone cottage for 139K, is across the road from the Maverick Concert Hall, and was built in 1910. Along with its neighboring Maverick Festival homes, it is once again a quintessential antique handmade home.  I can picture Hervey White placing the stones and mortar of this house alongside his fellow festival attendees. (The likes of Isamu Noguchi and Russell Wright)

Set into the hillside, this adorable 2 bedroom/1 bathroom home is in a convenient location and would be easy to maintain. Click here for the full listing.

Beds:2 Bed Baths:1 Bath House Size:875 Sq Ft Lot Size:0.68 Acres

Upstate NY Holiday Rentals

Here are the last few good ones we found on AirBnB. Still available, as of this posting! Happy holidays, all.

City of Hudson Apartment
1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Comment: nice location if you want to be in the city


Andes Farmhouse
5 Bedrooms
2 Baths
Comment: What a steal!


Copake Lake Ski Cabin
3 Beds (Two beds and loft)
1 Bath
Comment: Up there last weekend and saw plenty of skiers on the mountain.

Kerhonkson Holiday Rental, $90/night

Hm, why is this Kerhonkson rental house so comparatively affordable? It looks so nice, with great views, clean lines, convenient-ish location (we know two single women who’ve bought houses in Kerhonkson in the past couple of years, and we’ll talk more about it in the new year). It has three beds and two baths, a nice-looking kitchen, fireplace.

Gardiner Barn Holiday Rental, $173/night

It might be torturous to rent this place in winter when it looks out on a pool and tennis courts (unless you’re planning to join the Polar Bear Club on New Year’s Eve). Butwith those mountain views and that nice kitchen, might be worth it. You don’t actually rent the entire 173-foot-long barn, but rather a two-bedroom apartment within the barn. It’s in Gardiner, near New Paltz. We haven’t made it to Gardiner but have heard good things about it from someone who has a second home there. You can also hire a “natural, gourmet cook” to bring your relaxation to the next level.

Holiday Rental: Woodstock, $250/night

Slightly more expensive than a few of the other upstate houses for rent for the holidays, the “Woodstock Weekender” looks pretty promising to me nonetheless. Three beds, two baths — including one with a Jacuzzi tub. The best part may be the pic of the master bedroom, which includes what looks like a stoned 11-year-old hanging out on the bed. Interesting marketing. Got a stone fireplace and a hot tub, and rents for $1750 for the whole week. Has five reviews on AirBnB, all pretty darn good.

Not Available for the Holidays: Amazing Italianate Mansion

I’ve driven by this Italianate mansion in Tivoli, N.Y. for years but never knew that it was available to rent. Oh, my my. Turns out a friend of mine has snagged it for the holidays, so none of us gets to spend New Year’s there, folks. But good to know that we can take turns renting it out the rest of the time. It’s called Ham House, and it’s amazing. Somehow both updated and frozen in time, on the Hudson, river views, walking paths, a fifty-foot pool!

All this glory doesn’t come cheap: $4500 in high season. But it easily sleeps 10, making it fairly reasonable for a week in the country. A very short walk into town from there. I’m going to gather some peeps and try to get it for a week this summer. Who’s in?

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