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Catskill Creek Cottage for Sale for $139,500

I don’t quite agree with the realtor’s description of this post and beam  Catskill Creek cottage as a “jewel box,” but I do think it has a lot of appealing features. I love hand-hewn beams and stonework, and the pitched ceiling gives this little house (625 sq. feet) an airier feel. The real selling point, though, is the Catskill Creek location. The cabin’s deck overlooks the creek as well as historic Black Bridge, making this one a good fit for kayaking and swimming hole enthusiasts who want to spend more time outside than in.The house is winterized, with both a natural gas furnace and a stone fireplace to keep you toasty when you’re Upstate snow-shoeing.

The cabin is on the outskirts of Catskill village, so you’d have convenience—and neighbors, though this one does feel private. Interesting back story, too: according to property records, this house was bought in 2002 for $1000. I wonder what it looked like then.

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Catskill Cottage on Five Miles Wood Road for $169,000

This little cottage in the town of Catskill is a good example of how a thoughtful renovation can make an unremarkable property into something much more appealing. Thanks to a lot of windows and a judicious use of white on white, this standard issue and rather small ’70s ranch looks bright and airy. As an Italophile, I like the terracotta floors—so underused in these parts, though maybe a bit chilly for Upstate winters. (Perhaps the next owners can invest in a bear rug? White, of course.)

“Catskill” here denotes both the region and the town, but note that this isn’t in the village nor within walking distance of it. The house is, however, on desirable Five Miles Road, one of prettiest country roads in Catskill, and the property comes with an acre of land. It’s also close-ish the Exit 21 on the NYS-thruway, making this relatively convenient for a Greene County property.

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