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Two Spring Glen Bungalows, $6,000 each

Update: Word from the colony-dwellers, post-Irene. “I just got word that though Old 209 in Spring Glen now has some issues, our colony was not flooded and I think Spring Glen as a whole faired pretty well. We are still without power and we had a couple of downed trees, but not an abundance of water. Apparently there are some dry (and sunny) patches in this region.”

Folks have been writing to us pretty steadily, telling us about their lovely and undiscovered little upstate New York bungalow colonies–as our frequent readers know, a longstanding obsession of mine. Pretty soon, we’ll be having a listings feature on Upstater, where you can add your own properties for rent or sale. In the meantime, I thought these Spring Glen bungalows were worth a mention, entirely because of the pricetag: yep, six-thousand-bucks for a country house, perhaps the most affordable country house in upstate New York. The yearly fees come to less than $1,800.

Sadly, we don’t have pictures of the insides. These photos were sent by fellow colony-ers who are handling the sale for their former neighbors and have an interest in finding like-minded, community-oriented folk to inhabit them. The colony is called Sunrise Cottages (one we didn’t know about back when we made our initial list of rentable and buyable bungalows in colonies). It has 16 units altogether in Spring Glen, a small, rural town in the western part of Ulster County, which houses a bunch of other bungalow colonies, too. This one has a pool and four acres. On the jump, you’ll find a complete write up from the folks handling the sale; you can email them here if you’re interested in taking a look. I’m personally holding out for one of the larger colonies that has a day camp for the kiddos, but I’d love to hear if anyone goes to see these. Let us know.

From the colony-folk: The first unit stands alone and has no stairs. The screen porch is enormous  There is a large eat-in kitchen, a single full bathroom with shower & tub, an enormous closet and two large built-ins and a single large living/bedroom.  Formerly, the people had large card games and parties in the screen porch and had roll-aways in the kitchen and porch when needed.  The house comes with furniture, pots & pans, dishes and this unit was loved and well kept. Additionally, there is already a spot on the property adjacent to the house set aside for a shed. Read the rest of this entry
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