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Catskills Fixer-Upper Close to Colgate Lake for $140,000

I’ve had my eye on this East Jewett house for a while. It’s right down the road from my own, en route to the secluded, never-crowded mountain lake where we swim. It’s a cute if modest farmhouse from the outside, with a nice wrap around porch. There are no photos of the inside, and the broker says, at this point, there’s “not much to see.” It’s currently crowded with the owners’ stuff, and the broker admits the interior and the foundation will need work. The property is listed as in fair condition.

I’m a little biased, but I think this is a nice location at the price. Rte 23c is a winding mountain road with lovely country views, and the house really is a stone’s throw (well, a quick bike ride) from Colgate Lake. East Jewett doesn’t have any sort of town center—or particularly good road paving—but this house is about an 8 minute drive from Tannersville and close to Hunter and Windham as well. It’s been on the market forever, and the broker indicated that the owners are eager to sell. You could probably get this for an even better deal.

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