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Hurricane Irene in Greene County, East Jewett Update

Update! Lisa reported much of this, but I just wanted to pass on that 23C in East Jewett/Tannersville/Onteora Park is passable and made it out of the storm in relatively good condition. (I know that’s a main drag for many of you, so y’all can rest assured.) Electricity is slowly coming back, too. Much of East Jewett and Jewett had their electricity restored yesterday. We just got ours restored twenty minutes ago. If you’ve emailed me about your house and wanted me to check on it, and I didn’t get back to you, just email me again: I’ve had a lot of incoming to keep track of, with spotty email service.

Sort of. We plan to keep you as updated as possible about the effects of Hurricane Irene in Greene County, which has been very hard hit. I’m writing from NYC, where I’ve been trying to get on-the-ground reports from my East Jewett neighbors, but because of downed power lines and the cuts to electricity, Jewett and East Jewett remain unreachable.

We did speak to someone at Bottini Fuel, our oil servicer, who let us know that Route 23c, the main drag through Jewett and Onteora, is currently impassable and yes, electricity is still out. Much of the NY State Thruway south of Albany remains closed. For specifics on Thruway closures, click here. For details on other road closures, try here.

Let us know in the comment section if you have any on-the-ground reports of Irene damage in the Catskills. And if you have a second home Upstate that you can’t reach, what do you plan to do?

Hurricane Irene Devastates Upstate New York

I thought about heading upstate on Friday evening, assuming it would be safer than staying put in my Brooklyn neighborhood, even if we’re relatively high up compared to the evacuated sectors of the city. But I chose to remain, afraid of the panicked traffic. The storm seemed barely to pass by my windows, but Hurricane Irene, or Tropical Storm Irene as it later became, weaved a path of destruction through the Catskills, on towns we’ve already profiled and even this week’s spotlight town, Tannersville. Above is video of severely flooded Margaretville. My family’s place in Tivoli is without power, and my family further north, in Saratoga, said tens of thousands had lost power around there, as well. Twenty-one people were stranded in a Prattsville motel, though the National Guard managed to rescue them.

All we can say is, yowza. What kind of impact this will have on upstate New York real estate remains to be seen. Hope everybody’s okay up there, and for those of you about to close on a house, remember this: buy flood insurance.

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