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“The Catskills Is the New Williamsburg,” or So Says Half of They Might Be Giants

I know some of you take umbrage when we compare Upstate towns to NYC neighborhoods, but I’d be a sorry excuse of an Upstate real estate blogger if ignored this one. In an interview with Gothamist, They Might Be Giants co-founder and Catskiller John Flansburgh sang the praises of Upstate living, declaring, “The Catskills is the New Williamsburg.”

Such comparisons clearly have their limitations and can seem parochial to boot, but they’re helpful when you’re explaining Upstate locations to New York City folks who might not know a Phoenicia from a Saugerties—and particularly when you’re trying to address how expensive or discovered an Upstate town might be. (For example, I’m definitely priced out of Rhinebeck, a town I love but I’d probably find a little too polished and touristed for day-to-day living, just like I’d never want to live in, or be able to afford, the West Village. Yet there are surely tons people for whom anything less than the shops, services and reputation of Rhinebeck wouldn’t appeal.)

The price and accessibility question is in fact exactly why the Catskills Read the rest of this entry

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