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Rare Rondout Offering: Center Hall Colonial in Kingston for $319,750

I think this center hall Kingston Colonial is a pretty house, but what really caught my eye was the location. The Rondout neighborhood in Downtown Kingston is desirable for all the right reasons—-right on Rondout Creek with its water sports and beach access and chock-a-block with pretty historic homes—but housing stock is tight. This is one of the few Rondout homes we found during our Kingston week. It has some good period detail and a lovely, though small, backyard. It’s also well suited for home office life as well rocking in country retirement: note the drum kit in that great attic!

The ceilings look a little low and the bathroom could use an update, but the house is pretty turn-key as is. It’s been on the market for five months, with a small dip in price. Here’s hoping the owners are open to negotiation.

Beds: 4
Baths: 3
Square feet: 2,342
Year Built: 1875
Land: .11/acre

Pedigreed Victorian in Uptown Kingston for $395,000

There’s something bittersweet about seeing a home for sale that’s been in the same family for over one hundred years, such as this grand Kingston Victorian currently on the market. With any historic home, part of the appeal is buying a piece of history, but with this particular house, you’re also buying a century’s worth of one family’s heritage.

And what a heritage it is! According to the broker’s notes, this house belonged to Charles Grant Ellis, the foremost “Oriental Rug Scholar” of the twentieth century. Note the gorgeous rugs in every room as well as the antique-per-square footage ratio. To my taste, it’s just right. At least from these pics, the house doesn’t look bed-and-breakfast fusty or antique shop crammed. Rather, I get the sense that Aunt Edith brought over that chiffonier on the Queen Elizabeth, or that Cousin Fabian won that tapestry in a game of whist. And if only those rugs could talk.

Sadly, the house doesn’t come furnished. However, it does come with eleven rooms, including a library, and more moldings than you care to count. It’s on a corner lot, in desirable Uptown Kingston, in an area with similarly impressive historic homes. The lot is rather small, though, and without off-street parking or the space for a garage. Oh, there is only 1.5 baths—-in a house with six bedrooms! I’m guessing, though, that the person who wins this one will appreciate the house’s greater charms and hopefully, keep it in the family for another one hundred years. Fabulous pics and stats on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

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