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Dream Stone House For Sale (At Totally Unattainable Price)

I spent last weekend about a mile from the historic hamlet of Kripplebush, a close collection of beautifully tended 18th-century homes, with a white-steepeled church and a one-room schoolhouse as its downtown. I stopped to take a picture of this house because I was starting to surrender my obsession with bungalows in favor of a new inclination toward stone houses, of which there are many in this area. This house also had incredible views, a sparkling pond, gorgeous landscaping and a pool. I was gawking, not shopping.

But it turns out the place is actually for sale, and has its own video as advertisement. So now, even though I can’t actually purchase it (it’s asking $928,000), I can continue gawking from afar. Stats and details on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

Upstate Places We Like: Kripplebush, N.Y.

Kripplebush is a teeny, tiny hamlet of mostly stone houses between Stone Ridge and Accord, N.Y, and an official historic district. You’ll have to drive to a town–High Falls, Rosendale, Accord or Stone Ridge–for provisions or human interaction, but you’ll have no shortage of beauty here. Real estate is steep; there’s not much of it, and what there is has probably been carefully tended, with a slightly inflated price due to its historic nature. What you’re paying for, too, is ambiance: it feels like you’ve gone far away and back in time. A map is on the jump. Read the rest of this entry

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