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Introducing Newburgh Mondays!

We’re very pleased to announce that Cher Vick of Newburgh Restoration will be blogging with us her at Upstater every Monday. We’re big fans of Cher’s blog, and we thought she’d be the perfect person to introduce us to what it would real estate and life are like in an urban upstate town. Cher will surely tell you more, but as a teaser, know that Newburgh is a great option for folks who want to escape to Upstate (and it’s affordable real estate market) but prioritize walkability, public transportation (Metronorth to Beacon then a ferry across to Newburgh), and easier access to NYC. More to come, and welcome, Cher!

Newburgh Restoration

Because of my bias towards the bucolic, my virtual real estate hunting tends to focus on farm houses, renovated barns, refurbished churches, and any sort of structure that might be mentioned in a Trollope novel. Lisa is obsessed with bungalows,  so that combination means Upstater has (thus far) largely overlooked the urban Upstate New York real estate market. That’s a shame, as formerly wealthy cities like Poughkeepsie and Newburgh have real estate stock rich in possibilities, as well as relatively easy access to NYC—often at really low prices.

So I was thrilled to discover the Newburgh Restoration blog. Its focus on one Upstate city is deep and inspiring, as is its open, even political commitment to revitalizing Newburgh. It has tempting real estate posts about pretty, pretty houses (like this “wedding cake house” for $239,000), detailed neighborhood information,  as well as thoughtful discussions about how to revitalize Newburgh—for instance, by proposing that the City of Newburgh, which owns many of its dilapidated properties,  sell them for $1 to first time home buyers who were pre-qualified for an FHA 203K loan (mortgage & renovation loan in one).

Let us know which Upstate cities you’d like learn more about, and we’ll try to comply.

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