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Another Publication Pronounces Catskills “Open for Business”

The free downstate daily Metro has declared Greene County “open for business,” with a mini roundup of mountains and inns to visit. See y’all there!

Sad News, and Road Updates

Upstater’s Alia is in Greene County to check on her house and help out other folks who were looking for information about their loved ones and properties. (Her house is fine, yay). She reports that Route 23A is closed, but she was able to get up 23. Others reported that Mountain Road from Saugerties is closed and collapsted at Kaaterskill Falls. Tannersville, however, is doing fine and much is open for business.

Another reader wrote in to tell us that her mom, and her mom’s house, is fine, but that the caretaker of the property drowned while trying to deal with the aftermath of the storm. Our hearts go out to her.

Saugerties’ Jonathan Dixon Reads in Woodstock, August 13

We wrote about chef and author Jonathan Dixon’s Saugerties life, and his new book Beaten, Sauced and Seared, a few weeks ago. If you’re Upstate this weekend, you can hear him in person at the Oriole 9 restaurant in Woodstock. Reading begins this Saturday, August 13th, at 6PM.

Upstate’s Reaction to “Williamsburg on the Hudson.”

Lots of folks weighed in on the NY Times’ article last week about the exodus of Brooklyn hipsters to towns upstate. A lot of them talked about the widespread poverty in many towns, the depressed economy that has ironically created such a ripe climate for purchasing property but has left many places with a dual class system of townies and second home owners. My favorite reaction was this piece on the Upstate rag The Daily Freeman, summed up by the sub-hed “New York City dailies caught rehashing their tried-and-true clichés.”

Some of the more thoughtful comments on the Times website captured what we think of as our audience: people looking for an upgrade to their quality of life but unable to afford it within New York City–people who want to raise families or have a yard but don’t have an extra $2 million in the bank account. Of course, as one person pointed out, the more of an exodus we have from Brooklyn to Upstate, the more of a chance that Brooklyn will become affordable again!

The Brooklynization of Upstate

The NY Times penned an article today that is near and dear to our hearts, outlining all the reasons that Upstate New York has drawn Brooklynites north of the city limits. Yes, there is the lure of affordable real estate, but also the culture, the nature and the increasing sense of community among ex-New Yorkers in towns from Beacon to Rosendale. We commend the article (and the accompanying slideshow of country havens for Brooklynites), although one criticism: shouldn’t they have mentioned Upstater in the piece?

The NY Times: High Living in Olive

A loyal reader and soon-t0-be contributor sent us this link from The New York Times Real Estate section. We’re not allowed to reprint the pics, but we suggest you peruse the photo tour if you’re looking for some weekend real estate porn. I love Olive, a tiny hamlet close to the Ashokan reservoir and to the fiddle and dance camp of the same name that my pop teaches at every year. Never seen a house in it like this, though!

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