Durham, N.Y.

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Durham is about 140 miles from New York City, about two hours and 45 minutes in Greene County. About 2,500 folks live there–more a working town than a tiny hamlet full of second homes, although it promotes plenty of attractions, including the Zoom Flume water park and a motor speedway and a working farm hosting vacationers who want to breathe fresh air and milk a cow. It’s one of those old Northern Catskill resort towns that slants Irish. It’s known as the “Emerald Isle” of the Catskills, with plenty of businesses like Shamrock House and Gavin’s Irish Country Inn. Like all places on the west side of the river, transportation options are limited if you don’t have a car; the closest train station is 40 minutes away is Hudson. The advantage of going this far north and west is price: it gets more affordable as you continue northwest from the Hudson.

  1. Durham is a good stopping point because it’s so close to a lot of the really rural, rustic towns. You can get your fishing license there and then have at it at the local creeks!

    • I’m also a fan of Durham. There really isn’t a main strip, but it’s close to other mountain towns and the views can’t be beat.

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