Greenville, N.Y.

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One of the nice things about Greeneville is it’s annual grievance day (it was May 31st this year), and the opportunity to fill out an official grievance complaint! The second most frequently asked question on the town web page is: Who do I contact for a hunting license or dog permit or marriage license? And here’s their assessment of what they have to offer: “Greenville offers gorgeous views of the Catskill Mountains to the south, a rural environment for residents and small business, commuting access to Albany, good schools, wonderful parks and friendly neighbors.”

Here’s a writeup, per the town historian: “Current day Greenville reflects trends of the past. Many of our roadways follow creeks, water power, turnpikes, and the need to connect population clusters, with Routes 32 and 81 acting as today’s major thorough-fares. Greenville’s rural nature reflects over two hundred years of agricultural use that has subsided, awaiting the next major use. This agricultural use, combined with the influence of the boarding house era of mid-20th century, has imprinted the primary architecture of the town. However, the last fifty years has seen the advent of both the smaller single-family house and the larger house size of the prosperous straddling of the 21st century.”

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